Making Pakistan prosperous

(Sobia khan, karachi)

There are many problems in our country but it does not mean that there is no hope. Being a nuclear power having the eighth largest army, it is time we also invested in human resources, in education, health and social services to benefit our people.

We also have one of the largest irrigation systems in the world. Above all, we are rich in natural resources, talent and manpower, which can lead us to become a developed country one day.

Pakistan is a developing country and every developing country faces some difficulties but that does not make our country a failed state. We are struggling and one day our efforts will be successful and we will prove ourselves as hardworking and talented. However, what we can do in this regard is the most important question.

Well, we should be dedicated, honest and law-abiding citizens. Pakistan’s youth is full of potential and they should let the world know their real worth. Also, we should respect our country, our language, our people, our culture and our history — when we will respect our state, the whole world will respect Pakistan too.

We can learn a few things from China and Japan. In these countries, the official language is not English rather their mother language, Chinese and Japanese respectively — yet they are one of the most prospered nations. Why? Because they respect their country and take pride in their national identity!

It’s very easy to blame others for a state’s problems. But it’s very difficult to accept the responsibility and take actions to address those problems and solve them. This heavy responsibility lies on us, we the youth of this nation. It’s high time we understand the value of an independent state we have been blessed with and work to make it the state for which our freedom fighters gave up their life.

Let us pledge to serve our nation and make every possible effort to make Pakistan a peaceful and prosperous nation so that we can truly be proud of our achievements.

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