Prosperous Pakistan Is the need of world


The history witnessed that Pakistan just after getting independence got anonymous issued led by anonymous Powers Sometimes the operations were concealed while often times even without names. Pakistan faces insurgencies throughout its journey in terms of West Pakistan, Today’s Bangladesh. Currently Baluchistan, Nationalism in Sindh and Feudalism in all remote areas along with Punjab.

The world while moving for peace yet enabled to ignore the region called Afghanistan, as Once Allama Iqbal said that Afghanistan is the lever of Asia, If it got disturbance the whole South Asia suffer. The same is going for Pakistan due to it geopolitical status in the region.

Pakistan contains most of the untouched land while International Markets from all over the world are now in mood to invest in the economy however due to Pakistan current and previous Political setup it becomes rare to establish the relationship of trust between the government and Business community of rest of the world.

Mr. Imran Khan still trying its best to open for international community via many opportunities such as business tourism and trade though, the current political setup is nowhere to support the statements. Increase in inflation, Unemployment and ethical backlash all together hitting the economy of Pakistan.

Although Pakistan still according to me in state of war, now the phase has been changed. Until and unless Politicians along with Army never stand up side by side problems may never get solved. Among all the issues corruption remains the key common factor that effect the most to cultural, ethical and economics of the region.

It is an old proverb “ When there is will there is way” which is now totally failed when it comes to Pakistan. This phase of war includes the bureaucracy, Governmental and non-Governmental Officials. This is time for Government to work and show effective actions towards managing their Man Power against the corruption. If Pakistan remained destabilized it’ll effect Afghanistan so as United States of America.

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