Rise Of Drug Abuse In Pakistan

(Muhammad Arif Masood, Karachi)

I have always been a person with less self control. I take almost everything in life as a challenge and adventure even the things which should not have been. I was in my second semester and my life took a turn which changed my life completely. As time passed my semester ended and then we kept a driver for pick and drop service.

I remember one day before the hourly exams in my second semester, my car would not start because of no fuel. Therefore we decided to park it somewhere and arrange something to get it fueled up. That very moment I saw my driver pulling out chars(hashish) from his pocket and telling me that he got something very special for me in order to release my tension and make me feel like top of this world. Readers should acknowledge the fact that I was immature plus a person with no self control.

Hence I was unable to say anything since I was confused. He continued emptying the cigarette and heated the hashish and later mixed it up with tobacco. At first I was greatly thrilled by such a step by step procedure. To me it was no less than some sort of recipe therefore I went for it without thinking and as the smoke hit my lungs, I coughed. I remember that day like no other day.

Time passed and I kept consuming it with intervals till it became my habit leading me to the stage where I could not eat, sleep, study or even excrete without having a joint. I completely became addicted to chars (Hashish) for 3.5 years and could see my relationship with my fiancé going down in the drain. Not only this, my parents made me feel like I didn’t even existed. It was just me, my room and hashish as I had never felt aloof like that in my life anyhow.

Once in a while I used to think of leaving it but I was unable to do it on my own. But now by the grace of Almighty and with the right treatment and support from my fiance, I am 4 months clean and I can see life with new perspective. My life isn’t purposeless anymore. Though, it is a crazy ride as a lot of people around me including teachers, students ,friends and cousins are drug user and it gets extremely hard to avoid their company. But I know someday somehow, all this will end but not everyone have such a level of awareness and support therefore people need to get educated about it so that they don't end up being in the same hellhole.

Worldwide millions of men and women including children from the ages of 15 to 64 experience drugs from a very early stage. They either get into drug addiction due to social pressure or with their own will looking for an escape in order to sidestep reality. But in many cases first few encounters eventually leads to addiction.

In regard to this I feel is that with time this has become a stigma in our society that its a cool thing to do drugs since many others do it too. This kind of attitude only encourages behavior of adopting or imitating bad things since what most believe is that it is always thrilling to try out new things in life.
Similarly in my friend circle near about 80 percent are into drug addiction. Some consume hard form of drugs like heroin, cocaine and more are inclined towards chars. But what one should know is that these drugs for one’s with high blood pressure, might result to instant death. Knowing all the risks factors, they yet to do it since its excites one’s soul to core and becomes the new thrill in life. One being involved shared his experience with the rest of the friends and they eventually felt the urge to try it out. We know that life is too short and precious to waste on these things but for a person who has less control on himself and who actually depends more on their social circle needs more attention from their parents, family and the loved ones.

"A social stigma that has been escalated over the years"....

According to the United Nation Office On Drugs and Crime (UNODC), people in Pakistan are mostly addicted to heroin consumption since it is easily available at a very cheap price and almost everyone can consume it these days from janitors, servants to the household individuals and teenagers.Drugs as described after consumption really do not scare a common man because the effects are very pleasing and you feel like you are in heaven at the time of the high. As soon as the high is gone, little by little you fail to realize that your body desires it again. As per what reports states, about 44 tons of heroin is consumed every year in Pakistan which is a very large number. Also there are almost 7 million people in Pakistan that are drug users (consumers) either consuming it in the form of plants (cannabis), opium (heroin) or liquid form (alcohol). But the higher number of consumption is of heroin since it is cheap and easily available.

One should know that Afghanistan being one of the largest producer of Opium is not only the producer but also the exporter of the poppy plant (opium) which is then extracted in powder form to heroin and exported worldwide. As we know that Peshawar-Afghanistan trade relations are friendly and this bestowment of nature upon Afghanistan is being used in order to earn money by supplying tons and tons of heroin to Peshawar and from there to the rest of the Pakistan.

Readers should know that I was addicted to class B drugs (Chars) ; If it was that hard for me to leave it then how it must be for others who don't even have access to proper treatment. Whereby the life of millions of Pakistani who are like me and people like you belonging to SEC class A and B end up to a stage where they have to spend the night below bridge just to get some shelter. Mind that these are the people who lacked attention and awareness, therefore, we shall always help them as we all make mistakes. However , what’s more alarming is that we live in a society if we do something good, people will always try their best to de motivate us instead of appreciating us. I can relate totally since I remember my friends telling me that why would you even leave hashish after all it's not that harmful. Therefore the purpose of this piece is to create awareness and educate people in regard to consequences of getting in this line and even if single person is saved, the purpose is served.

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