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Boating in Upper Kachure Lake Skardu

Skardu Baltistan situated in the extreme North of Pakistan bordered with some of big economy of today world like China and India.

"The word Skardu is to be derived from a Balti word which mean between two high place which are Shigar Village and Sadpara Lake."

Not only people of Pakistan love to visit Gilgit Baltistan but from the globe visitors are love to visit.Millions of tourists are visiting the region only in summer season now a days.

Here are the reasons why people love Skardu Baltistan?
1: People of Skardu Baltistan
5:Natural Beauty of Gilgit Baltistan
1:People of Skardu Baltistan
According to tourists who are recently visit GB that the people there are very different from any other place they are visited.They treat them very well like guest.
Hospitality of GBians people are an example for all others.

Culture is a social behaviour found in human societies.When its come to the culture of Gilgit Baltistan they are very rich with their beautiful culture.
You can foundc cultural diversity in GB as there are different sects and languages are spoken.
Culture vary village to village and district to district in here.

The soft round white cap is the traditional cap of Gilgit Baltistan.It is most popular in GB region, its a major sign people came to know , when they saw you are wearing a round white traditional cap.Such caps are designed by local artists of the region.

Tourism is the most emerging and flourishing industry in Gilgit Baltistan region since last few years.When it comes to the natural beauty of Skardu Baltistan than obviously tourism comes into game.

Millions of people are moving towards the region . A huge figure of tourists are visit the region only in summer because in summer you can see the real beauty of Skardu Baltistan.

In summer season like November to February the region was mostly covered with snow.Temperature decreases to -10 to -20 sometimes which make difficult to travel especially by road.

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