How to be more creative !

(Ubaid ismail, Karachi)

Creative people never waste because they have a something to doing they have something to invest their time they have a power to find ways in difficult situation . may be they are all rounder to doing anything ! but you are also a creative you are also an intelligent you are awesome you are brilliant because you are here to learn how to be more creative ! so without using your important time i will share you on how to be more creative ! lets began .

1-- Learn with practical !
learning is a way to be more creative but this is not enough practical work enhance our capability as well as learning efficiency . if you want to be creative never underestimate the practice ! because practice makes man perfect !

2-- Respect yourself
If you want to be more creative so give reward to yourself by given the compliment to your self will boost your energy as well as learning attitude and increase your self steam.

3--Be happy
Happiness is the most important thing to be more creative.. if you want to be more humorous try to fun with others never think about rejections and rebuff . so trying to be more happy by thinking the blessing you have .

4--surround yourself with funny and intelligent people
Environment makes to much effect on a person . surrounding your self with good people can enhance your capability as well as creativity never let yourself surround with bad and sad people always try to close with funny and intelligent people !

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