Tips to become an intelligent

(Ubaid ismail, Karachi)

Everyone likes to become an intellectual , sharp and brilliant but only a few person can understand the real mean of it ! first thing you should must keep in your mind is that never waste your time in any situation because time is most important thing for everyone and intelligent person can never waste it ! so i will share some tips to be more intelligent !!

1-- Learn New everyday
learning is the best thing to be more sharp , brilliant learning in not only reading books but also try some new ideas to gain some experience to face problems and many more !

2-- Revise everyday !
memorize or revise what you read this is best way to enhance your productivity or memory because we human beings forgot when new things or items arrive in our mind than we omit what we learn yesterday so memorize daily to be more attractive or productive .

3-- Live on present
stay in present and think about future never live in past because past can never came so be on present and keep your interest on present things ! thinks how i improve my today and tomorrow always doing what you love because past is your waste paper so be on present stay motivated !

4-- Exercise regularly
exercise makes our body attractive as well as beneficial for our health and mind and healthy person work with open heart and mind without any disturbance or irritation so involve 10 to 20 mints exercise in your daily task because this is beneficial for your mind and memory !

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