Never stop questioning to yourself

(Ubaid ismail, Karachi)

If you want to learn more earn more so ask yourself questions this is the only things if you want more to your life because the difference in the living and died person is only questions what ever you do right now place a question mark on it why i do it ? it is belong to my aim? it is good for me ? someone says that whatever you do or what ever you think it must should be related to your aim if not so skip it and move forward because successful person never waste time in foolish things. never underestimate your goal the world is full of jealous people try to deaf at the taunting people they have no business . Their work is only to loose the people's hope ! you here a story of three frogs when someone said to him reached on the top of the tree first frog gone and try but nothing to do and fall down did you know why ? because his relatives said to him you can not do ! you can not do so that's it anyway the second one is on the way they sacrifice to reach the top of the tree but can't do and fall down because his relatives calling him hahaha you .... you can't do come back ! and now the turn is third one they sacrifice and try to reached the top of the tree and this time the third frog is passed to reach the top of the tree ! but how ? the ans is that he is deaf and can not listen the voice of rumors so this is the story of success if you want to do more never stop questioning and behave like a deaf and doing what related to your goals !!

May Allah bless you with success soon !!!

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