First time in pakistan "Cognitive Behavioural therapy" session for vitiligo patients

(Ayesha Khan Ansari, Karachi)

"Cognitive Behavioural therapy" session for vitiligo patients

For the very first time in pakistan "Cognitive Behavioural therapy" session for vitiligo patients and world vitiligo day celebrated at Institute of skin disease sindh hospital Karachi.

According to detail seminar was held on Tuesday 25 June 2019 which was organised by doctor Farhan mir incharge vitiligo,He highlighted that this concept should come to an end that there is no treatment of vitiligo, like other chronic conditions Hypertension, Diabetes this also can be managed well with variable outcomes. Secondly he emphasized the importance of research in this orphen disease. Awareness was raised about the importance of psychotherapy particularly cognitive behavior therapy for vitiligo patients in today’s session. A renowned psychotherapist and senior professor at Bahria University Dr. Tahira Yousaf and a clinical psychologist from Aga Khan University Mahnoor Shaikh shared the importance and the idea of CBT for vitiligo and how it is essential for the patients to deal with the psychological aspect of this disease moreover chief guest and director of institute of skin disease hospital karachi Dr kamar Iqbal chandio also attended the seminar, The main purpose of this event is to encourage patients who are suffering from the skin disease should come together and this helps in building their confidence and encourage the patients facing vitiligo as they share the challenges and fight with their social phobia that are associated with the condition that can help in dealing with psychological trauma. This session give strength to the patients to come out from phobia and stop hiding themselves. Because the condition is hereditary and it is not their fault that they have it. It should be facilitate early treatment and to ensure that both medical and psychological needs of the patient are addressed. Patients should apply home remedies to protect their skin from harm. This session was successfully done, At the end gifts were distributed.To me this was coolest activity in hottest weather of karachi. It brought smile of hope and happiness on the faces of patients. I request higher authorities to support in research on this disease.I humbly request Mohtarma Asifa Bhutto Zardari to plz come forward and lead the compaign of VICTORY AGAINST VITILIGO.

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