How To Deal With Rejection !

(Ubaid Ismail, Karachi)

Rejections !!

Dealing with rejection is not easy sometimes we struck in life because of to much rejection but do you know what is rejection ?? rejection means that someone does not interested in you and what so what we to do in this condition is no matter how cute , innocent or honest you are some people still rejects you because every one have a different mindset so don't worry about it we are not born to force someone to like me everybody have a different ideas thoughts , believing and many more !!! so below is the some tips on how to deal with rejection !!

1--Forgot your rejection !!
it's mean never let everyone down you you are most important for yourself . if you not try to forgot it than your self esteem will be end day by day and successful people deal with it full boldly this is life their is both good day or bad day so always try to increase you self esteem by forgot bad person and rejections !

2--learn with your rejection !!
learning is not only reading books and going to school it's mean experienced your life and experienced your problems what you learn from problem . never afraid of fears because it't our friend it tells us how to survive in the world . so learning with your rejection can increase your demand in the future ..

3--Know your boundaries !
Make your rules and boundaries never cross your boundaries always react with others according to your boundaries the only way to be happy by understanding what is me ? and what is my priority what is my focus area !!! hope you understand it .

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