What is success ?

(Ubaid ismail, Karachi)
Did you know what is success ? what we do to achieve success ? what we think about success ? success is the name of peace and freedom and i am not talking about money money is not a name of success but it is the most important and essentials thing to live but this is not belong to happiness , peace as well as calmness it is the peace of heart peace of mind and success is when you able to give to others but how can we achieve success ??? we can achieve success by understanding self what is me . what is my weakness as well as what is my strength . what i like ? i well share you some point on how you can struggle for success !!

1) Know your self !!

2)Make some goals !!

3) Time management!

4)Make some rules for your life !

5)Stay active

6)Think positive

7) Take risk !!

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