How To Respect Yourself !

(Ubaid Ismail, Karachi)

Self respect is a power to do good and live happy we all are crave of respect and this is not a bad thing because it's a nature of human being someone says that you can't like another person until you like yourself so i will share with you some tips below in how to be respectful in the society ! so lets begin

1-Never Copy To Others

This is a fact everyone is busy to copy to others and compare their life with others they don't know everyone have a different question paper and seriously this is amazing fact is that once a man was addicted to copy others they forgot their own personality believe me this is a truth that man is fully confuse they don't know what i want from my life so i suggest you never ever copy to others always live your own life and find out the ways to become good !

2- Forgot your Past

past is a thing that push you to become good in future and fortune because past is our experience we should learn from past as compare to thinking about past. Past will never come it's our waste paper and never loose your self esteem by thinking about past mistakes always learn from mistakes and forgive your self for your mistakes and go ahead .

3- Control Your Tongue .

control your tongue by controlling your words your words are the slave when they are in your control after when a person spoke them than he is a slave of his words so always thinks what i am going to talking about and what impact from it !

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