How To Be Fearless !

(Ubaid Ismail, Karachi)

Everyone wanted to be fearless and this is good for survive in the world if you are afraid of doing something than i sure you will not able to live your own life and you afraid of what others talk about me and what happened if i do it etc.etc if you are afraid of dog and other wild animals so this is a nature if you are not afraid to him than he will byte you it's ok if you are able to fight with that animals if not so don't be overconfident . if your want to be fearless and brave so below is the some tips you should read practice ;

1--Listen Your Inner Voice

Listen you inner voice by listening it than you should able to fight with problems and don't be hurt if someone insult you and discourage you because they are actual person that push us to achieve success they oppressed us to to be fortune so always follow your aim.

2--Find Out What You Are Afraid Of

Make a list of those things in which you are afraid of and than find out what's the fear is this physical or mind fear and try to find solution .

3--Take A Risk !

Taking a risk is a tricky most people were afraid of taking any decision they are afraid of results they always thinks about what happened if i fail etc . so always thinks positive and try to experience things this is an actual thing to be fearless and achieve success .

4--Motivate your self-

Motivating your self is a best thing to be fearless and to be fortune your are the only one who know what i want and what my priorities so always respect yourself and motivate yourself to achieve big !

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