Importance of Goals !

(Ubaid Ismail, Karachi)

Goals are very important to the person they are the real source of energy in a human body goals work like a fuel and with goals a person live like a freedom and really the goals make us independent and than we know what is important to us , we avoid to waste our time because goals matter most successful person make goals and than struggle to achieve it

The first law: of of making and achieving the goals is never waste your time in unnecessary thing .Try to serve your time in achieving goals.

The second law of getting ahead is never give up ! it's a most important law life is not an easy game it's a tough game if you want to level up so never skipped to try one more time !

and always keep hope on Allah and go ahead step by step . never takes a big risk because if you do this than you are disappointed yesterday i am reading a book in this i read a very important thing that is . the question is how do you eat an apple ? of course one bite at a time . so i realised that if you want to get more , achieve more so always try to move forward one by one and learn one skill everyday than one day i am sure you a are billionaire !!

The third law of achieving a big in life is to think big your thinking depends on you what you think is always what you are so always try to dream big and think big. !


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