Destruction of corruption and Islamic prevalence.

(Asfand Yar Mustafa, Lahore)


The corruption system of Pakistan is a very crucial and destructive thing this time. We should take some preventive measures to abolish this system. For the citizens, it should be their prime duty to inform the major regulating authorities about the corruption that is occurring in their respective areas.

One suggestion that relieves the country from corruption is to take following steps that might be burdensome on one hand but on the other hand it’s better.

1- All the currency notes should have their expiry dates written on them of particularly 5 to 6 years. So after five years the people have to renew them, for this renewing they should move towards the banks and thus the notes are refined and the money laundering shall be hampered.

2- Banking system will be interest free after this.

3- Several committees on the street basis shall be made so they may engage the persons in positive acts to restore their rights.
4- There is no need to make the shelter homes for the homeless people and other migratory workers. We just have to manage our mosques which are almost present in all the streets of Pakistan.
We all need to do is that firstly increase the pays of molvi or imam masjid to about 30k. And increase their duty to allow the persons to sleep in the mosques and to teach them, it also creates a positive effect that the people will learn positive things and intellectual stuff from the Islamic environment and the serenity and calmness prevailed due to their regular presence in the fajar prayer.

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