European Response After Pulwama Attack Towards Pakistan

(Shazma, Islamabad)

Pakistan and India have been engaged in many conflicts since 1947 as a country. The war zone that was seen in many ways included 1948 war, 1965 war, 1971 war, 1999 Kargil war and other disputes like water issue and most importantly Kashmir issue. Both countries tried to hold dialogues but nothing could happen.

Politics is one of those major factors of country for that Government goes beyond its limits. This dirty politics more likely practice in every country. So, in Pakistan and India nothing is changed. In order to gain votes in coming elections Inia’s government decided to attack on Pulwama to blame out Pakistan so to get some public sympathy and success in elections.
Pulwama attack held on 14th February, 2019, Forty Central Reserve Police Force jawans were Shaheed. Whole Indian media, government as well as Indian public started blaming Pakistan because Pakistan-based terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammad and declared nuclear war. In response prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan addressed to Nation and got them in confidence. He clearly answered Indian PM Modi that if India will do anything Pakistan will for sure retaliate and invited on table of investigation.

On Pulwama attack European Union responded in very sympathetic way and showed their sad feelings for victims and injured in Pulwama attack. Their statement was clearly against terrorism and not towards to destroy peace in any region. The EU enforced to de-escalate emerging conflict that took place after incident of 14th February, 2019 and asked to clear the situation as well as actions against terrorists as the responsibility of this attack took by Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammed.

For the very first time, Kashmir issue discussed on platform of EU. All the representatives of EU (MEPs) joined and held an event to discuss the current issue of Kashmir. They passed recommendations on US Human Rights report. MEPs recommended to hold inquiry on Indian-Occupied Kashmir and violation of IHL.

EU agreed upon this that both countries should resolve their conflict through dialogues. This event was big success for Pakistan diplomatically as first time Kashmir issue discussed since 2007.

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