Individual and representatve democracy

(Ayaz Ali, mir pur mathelo,sindh)

Life on earth is anything but a ride of roses. The terrain of life is conspicuously unmanageable without the right operating system in place. We have, as Human beings moving across the compass of history, travelled massively from the days of beast and bugbear and the hit and run cuisine. As more than being mere consumptionsts and as conscious people assembled here our job is to shape up a society that helps keep the basic streak of Human survival alive.

In order to give the rousseau’s central player his deserving place in the configuration of society the western world brought to light a system that as per its claims caters to the core compulsions that human life is construed to have.

This political import from the west is called representative democracy which, in the last two hundred years has grown as tall as any Greek gods.

The prime component of the representative democracy is bestowing honour upon the individual and bringing into placement a system that best suits his life and feeds its fundamentals .
So, has this new chapter of representative democracy been able to uplift an individual.

Traced to city states as the first place for its birth where individual was directly related to choices being made in his name the system worked candidly as each individual enjoyed and exercised right to direct vote.The concept of city parliament where the pie of power was shared by an individual alongside the mighty king heralded an age in which the omnipresence seemed to have changed hands from kings to people.Thus societies parented by such a political system were true democracies down to the last dot.But as population multiplied in the course of time,the democratic norms seemed to have modified due to demographic pressures.States expanded so large that the chosen and choser could hardly id entify each other.The resultant impurities creeping into the system have gradually assumed inevitability and thus despite being the most favourite system scoring lead-as electoral democracies from 1970 to 2010 increased from 35 to 110-yet the trend in vogue doesn’t pledge much for the future.

The representative system seems to be on the wane and flagrant as corporate trends have morphed it into interest-based system first and foremost where the lier at par is foisted as the guardian of our collective life.

Such fortuitous happenings baptized as democracy have become the genial feature of Pakistani version of democracy.And the poor of the land are promised a slice of eden here in exchange for a cheaper commodity called vote that once signified grandiose individuality.

Pakistan’s democratic pilgrammage is on way into its twelfth year with fanfare and farce.Two of the heavy weights that once captained our boeing have been locked up and MR khan is in the cockpit to fly us to the seventh heavens.However in a country of 220 million where unemployment and poverty are 5.79 and 55 respectively and where half of people fail to spell the very term democracy correctly,hoping such a system to function metabolically for the people is like crying for Mars not just moon. If democracy is a gospel canvassing possible ways to multiply individual happiness ,where does it figure up in the Pakistani version?

Fine ,khan is all too busy reproducing examples of the state of Medina as his vision that this beleaguered nation should take after.But khan sahib as his repeated oratory divulges knows nothing more about it than accountability in the legal sense of CRPC.In tribal arrangement justice had a wider applicability in economic sense as well.Today Pakistan is hailed to have recorded tax-returns of 21 million people as another mile-stone .But at what cost? The answer is obvious: humiliation of the millions of those that had already been living under the debris of economic ruination. For them the only reason for ing khan’s coming lay in their desperation to re-rise with a sense of honour in the promised state of medina.And here they are bereft of any rationality today In finding out reasons that prompted them to vote Khan in.

Tax is not a bad thing but a nation that is already noosed under highest indirect taxation in the shape of GST forcing it to pay more thus would be like taking away from them their license to life.And this dark democracy is likely to fall back on itself as the system fails to align individual to the system that is being planted in his name.

In short,even Holy Quran refers to the vicegerence of man and the subsequent hierarchy based on social gradation with respect to social responsibility(2;;30 & 6;1650.)
Thus democratic system in Pakistan is unlikely to ply along he right track unless individual finds his feet in the system.

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