Poetry and prose

(Zahra Ali shah, Lahore)

Nadia umber Lodhi

Today I introduced a poetess and writer named Nadia umber lodhi . She is from Islamabad . .she writes in Urdu and English Languages . She writes about family ,love ,social issues , Her experiences as a woman and a minority. As a spoken word poet she has had successful performances at the ‘Love of a poetess,before,impact of blood .Her poetry is about love, loss, happiness, anxiety, healing and fear through self, family and loved ones. In her words she shares her experiences being a woman, a daughter a wife and daughter in law undergoing issues ,sexism and racism. It allows the reader to make a journey into the unknown to explore their own senses and emotions to grasp the familiarities and unfamiliarities of the world around. She always love fiction and writes fiction .she writes articles in newspapers about social issues . When She leave this world, her words will be left behind. Writing is oxygen, a freedom, and way of communicating.
(Zara Ali shah )

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