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Bharat claims to be a Secular State and the Biggest Democracy on this earth. Both her images are being marred because of the wrong and un-constitutional policies of her rulers. Alas! Ever since her inception as an independent Secular state, she has a long record of aggressive /coercive policies against her neighbors, betrayals and violating her commitments, a few of which are listed below:

The whole world knows that: (1) Mount Baton, the last Governor General of India, in order to give road link to India, within 6 months, prior to 14th August 1947, got constructed discretely a metal road from Pathan Kot to the river Ravi. An Iron Bridge was also constructed on his orders. (2) In 1947 Raja of Kashmir assured the Muslims of Jammu area a safe journey to Pakistan. Once they reached jungle near the border area the armed RSS elements brought from Bharat, attacked the unarmed Muslims. Resultantly more than 3, 50, 000 Muslims were butchered. (3) Mount Baton in connivance with Nehru, the first P M of Bharat, hatched a conspiracy to annex J & K to Bharat. (4) A fraudulent Document of Annexation (of Jammu & Kashmir on behalf of Maharaja of Kashmir) was prepared (Till today this Document has not been shown at any forum). (5) Bharat entered her forces into the Valley before the Fraudulent Document was signed. (6) Bharat did not honour commitments made before the World Body / the Kashmiris, Pakistan and even to the Indians. (7) Ever since 1948 Bharat has converted whole Jammu and Kashmir into the Biggest and Largest Cantonment on the Planet Earth. Presently the ratio is 11 Kashmiris : 1 Indian soldier.

(8) Narendera Modi, in violation of the Indian Constitution, abrogated Article 370 and Article 35-A. The Indian Security Forces (7, 50, 000) were reinforced by 1, 80, 000 additional troops to suppress any reaction to the above un - constitutional steps. The Occupant Forces in a bid to subdue the Kashmiris, have set un-precedent record of human sufferings in the IOK. The present on-slaught of Kashmiris is going on since 5th of August through pellet guns, direct-shoots to kill, smoke bombs / tear-gas shells, prolonged curfew, lock downs, crack downs, all means of transport, and communications within the occupied areas and with the outer world are smeared. There is no check on indiscriminate tress passing of houses, arrests, tortures, killings in torture centers, abduction and rape of Kashmiri women of all ages. The Occupant forces are specially tasked to burning of / damaging property and destroying means of livelihood. (9) Due to strict confinement of Muslims of Kashmir they are not allowed to attend Eid, Juma and other religious congregations (including burial of Shuhdaa). In many cases they are not allowed to go to mosques for prayers. There is acute shortage of medicine, eatable and other necessities of life.

(10) Bharat launched naked aggression against Deccan State on 11th September 1948 when Pakistanis were mourning the death of the Founder of Pakistan. (11) The State of Juna Gharh and Manadar were annexed by Bharat in clear violation of the Partition Plan. (12) Indian Government miserably failed to control Anti Muslim Riots erupting intermittently and spreading like wild fire in various States of India. Many of these Riots were either State sponsored or poorly subdued by the law enforcing agencies. (13) In order to dilute the strength of the Sikhs, the province of East Panjab was split into three provinces. (14) Gernail Singh Bhinderan Wala – a braveSikh and head of the movement for Independence of Sikhs, along with his supporters, was massacred in the Golden Temple, Amritsar and the Temple was desecrated by the Indian Army. (15) On the eve of Indra Ghandi’s murder more than 30,000 Sikhs were butchered and their properties worth billion of rupees were burnt in Delhli alone. (16) Many Muslim Mosques including the most famous and historical Babri Mosque, have been destroyed/ burnt throughout India. (17) The Dillits, the Christians and even the Parsees also suffered at the hands of Brahmans/Hindus. The Dalits are the most down trodden subjects in Secular Bharat. (18) More than 2,000 Muslims (many of them burnt alive) were killed in Anti Muslim riots when Narendra Modi, the Top Mad Man and one of the Top Ten Terrorists on our Planet (Graded by the Western Media) was Chief Minister of Gujrat. (19) The “Samjohta Express” carrying Pakistani passengers was put to fire resultantly hundreds of Pakistanis were burnt to ashes. No culprit has been punished so far! (20) P M Modi, in his speech in B D Parliament, admitted that India helped actively Mukti Bahni in former East Pakistan and he claimed the credit of creation of Bengla Desh. (21) Over two scores of Indian Counsels are operating in Afghanistan so close to the Pakistan border. They plan and execute Terrorist activities against Pakistan. (21) Religious rights like “slaughtering of cow” is banned in Kashmir and many other parts of Bharat. There are many cases of beating to death of many Muslims accused of slaughtering or selling beef of cow. (22) Burials at unknown places and Collective Graves of those killed in fake Army encounters. (23) Through occupation of Siachen Glacier Bharat wants to link up with Russia and thus cut-off ground links of Pakistan to China.

Bharat has carried out many violations of the Indus Water Treaty. Through Water Aggression, she is planning to choke completely supply of water to Pakistan to: (a) Create shortage of water, (b) Turn Pakistan into a desert, (c) Cause maximum destruction in Pakistan through well coordinated Floods. (d) Invade crippled Pakistan immediately after floods and finish her off once for all. I am, like every Pakistani, resolute that injustice done to the Kashmiris will be undone and every freedom lover on this earth will support the Kashmiris in their struggle to throw away the Indian Yoke. It is destined!

What do the Indians try to prove? Are they a nation of liars, who damn care for their promises and assurances give to other nations!! Does this attitude of theirs bring them respect as a nation? Surely the educated and conscientious people of Secular India can convince their rulers to obey their commitments. The Indian Media can also play their role to improve image of Bharat in international community. Let they be known as standard bearer of "Human freedom and human rights" and not as "Followers of Colonial Rule/Policies and Advocates of slavery, cruelty, tyranny and rule of jungle!!"

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