Kashmiri's cry & RIP Humanity

(Inshal Rao, )

It is a big question mark on existence of humanity, In this modern time Kashmiries have been struggling for their freedom & facing inhumanic atrocities of indian forces since long to keep them under enslavery. Hindutvacratic leader N Modi dealing defenceless Kashmiries like they have conquered Muslim territory, since 5 August it is fourth week, there has been completely blockade, whole population incarcerated into their homes, the whole territory is now jail & torture cell, terrible shortage of food & medicine converted world heaven into deserted african region, communication including internet, telephone & others remained suspended since 5 August while Indian pseudo media claiming that situation is very calm in Kashmir, it is proved only propaganda of BJP Machine, Indian media badly exposed while they disallowed social activists team to show videos & photographs on the worst situation of Kashmir at Delhi press club. Kavita Krishnan of fact finding team showed great concern over worst situation in Kashmir, she told people of Kashmir are imprisoned & whole region converted into unannounced jail, people have no right of opinions, no freedom of movement, people are extremely angry they want to protest but they don't have the right of peaceful protest, indian army doing night raids, humiliating & harass the people, a magistrate told them that over 4000 thousands persons have been detained under PSA which allows to arrest anyone without any charge or trial & keep them in custody for two years even young children being arrested by indian army & forcely keeping them away from their parents. Indeed, the situation on the ground is going bad to worst. Media is the eye, ear & language of society but the indian media is now Hindutva's propaganda machine, was exposed by youtube based cobrapost group of journalists in a sting operation in which they released the real face of indian anchors & journalists, were ready to air any kind of propaganda for money. Kashmir is world's largest militarized region since seven decades & to suppress Kashmiries voices Indian army using inhumane force on defenceless people, molesting women is common, brutal torture in indian army's torture cells is beyond Guanta Namo Bay. On occasion of G-7 summit in France, N Modi claimed that everything is under control, definitely there is open brutal military control over Kashmiri Muslims. Despite so so so many inhumanic reports from Kashmir, President of so called Human rights champion USA stated that they have very good ties with India & business interests so they ignore brutalities of indian forces, such face of US president is curse for humanity. French President E Macron declared wildfire of Amazonia as International crisis & paid great concern but India is his good friend who is keeping 12 millions Kashmiries under slavery & inhumane treatment. Its really very ashamed for the people of France that their president called His Brazilian counterpart "extremely disrespectful men" over Bolsonaro's comment on Macron's wife, while N Modi & His party disrespect woment at large across India & recently their statement for Kashmiri women & girls is on record about promoting rape culture in Kashmir, instead Macron described India is its good friend & close business tie with them, really there is no sympathy for humanity, their concern for amazonia fire is just their interest to pressurize Brazil awaying from China. There are series of reports of human rights violations at large by Indian forces in Kashmir but developed countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE & Bahrain prioritizing their business interest, istead questioning UAE awarded Modi, it is really a global humanity crisis. N Modi administration now trying to divert world attention from atrocities & human rights violations in Kashmir by declaring it a bilateral issue, it is just a time taking tactic to suppress Kashmiries by use of brutal force, if the world does not take notice & ignore the Kashmir issue just for business interest, it's mean RIP Humanity.

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