Alas_they are dead

(Ayaz Ali, mir pur mathelo,sindh)

Since the inception of Kashmir tragedy something bollywood type of fiction has begun to unfold. Most bollywood movies involve a delayed response to crisis. The Police is always the last to siren its way to the point of crime.

In the context of Kashmir world response or the international response to the crises has been dismal and totally in keeping with the bollywood ethos. Pakistan is the only country that echoed the Kashmir cause right from day one . In order to awaken the world out of its slumber Pakistan’s Pm and foreign minister have virtually connected to everyone including the dead UMAT E MUSLIMA which has been playing like a puppet to its foreign cronies.

Such a numbing silence has laid to a series of some painful questions beginning from
1. Is the Muslim Ummah dead and should we Hymn an obituary to it?
2. Should the complacency displayed by world be looked at as the world’s helplessness when the blood in Kashmir is being given in libation to the blood mongers of Hindutva.
3. Has the major world powers like USA gone so lose and flaccid as to have no clout over fourth world country like India
4. Where is Kashmir headed from here.

All these inflammatory but poignant questions can be answered based on what has happened and what the collective criminal silence of the world on Kashmir issue is going to hatch.
Modern day South Asia is considered as the bastion of Islamic insurgencies. The history of Bosnia shows that insurgencies end at some point but insurgents only shift the direction of the barrel of the gun as was seen in Afghanistan during the peak years of Afghan insurgency where Bosnian mujahadeen crushed American spine.

The deafening silence over Kashmir by world threatens to invoke an insurgency far more powerful in volume and torque.

Previously the Muslim Umah was divided over the Afghan war into hard cores that supported Taliban and apologists who looked down upon Taliban as vandals who misuse the name of Islam to foment fear.

But the winds have changed the direction of their sail as the spree of Indian usurpation continuous unabated. The social media is now aplenty with taunts such as showing the pictures of Taliban standing shoulder to shoulder with America and taunting resisting Kashmiries because for them Jihaad rather than hoping fairness from an unjust world is the way to go
The ripples from Kashmir are likely to shake the whole of south Asian trust.

Because as the omens are, Afghanistan may just settle down but the winds of dove being clipped in Kashmir may turn its beak nuclear. There is every possibility that the Jihhadi groups from across the world anchor their ships in Kashmir thus leading to a lethal degeneration of South Asian region into a combat zone of two religions with two nuclear powers sitting inside.
Perhaps this is likely to lead to a spill out which will take down the whole world including the earless spectators from the Muslim ummah as well as the first world.

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