World Alzheimer's Day '21st of sept'

(Ayesha Ahmad, Peshawar)

World Alzheimer’s day falls on 21st of September yearly. The day set its sights on the augmentation of apprehension in respect to Alzheimer’s and dementia (mental disorders).
Globally the victims of the disease summate up to 50 million per year and the count heads are mushrooming, inevitably leading to an alarming situation in future.
An yearlong statistics have shown that 10 million individuals are accommodated in the attacked individuals list which is a massive number.

“it is the mind itself which shapes the body” ( Joseph Pilates)

Alzheimer’s disease??
Is the gradual ebbing of brain and the nervous system which advances in three major stages

Sheltered under the heading of pathology, it is a phased neuro-cognitive malady that plunge into the body by sowing the seeds of memory loss and supplementary mental infirmities encompassing incapability of having a conversation and formulating an effective response, subsequently ends up making one powerless to live unassisted.

i.Mild stage:
the level at which the victim brooks remembrance gaps when recalling meetups, engagements and commitments, lingers apathetic and motionless at zero-hours, incapable of making prudent decisions, cannot workout a chore or a task in a regular orderliness, go over again the asked questions, placements of objects unwisely and later forgetting its whereabouts.
This phase is usually an imperceptible one.

ii.Middling stage:
the level of mild being progressed. Here the sufferer lacks the capacity and comprehension to hangout self-sufficiently. The sufferer’s limitations can be inspected when one necessitates a helping hand for backing and service whilst having a shower & tracking the pathway, presuming the phony existence of something seen or heard fictitious.
Other manifestations of the malady at this level include being impotent to hold back the passage of urine and bowel, being snappish, having poor manners of conducting oneself and considerably being unfamiliar with the kith and kin.

iii. Critical stage:
is the advancing of middling stage. This is the terminating phase which exhibits a tough crippling condition.the hunted body have a yen for 24/7 service and support, requires to be shouldered and aided in eating, drinking, attending bathroom, taking care of personal hygiene hence every sort of activity concerning one’s daily life.
The speech & sight slurs & blurs respectively, muscles degenerates and develop spasm and some self-deception thoughts deposits in one’s mind.
At the aforementioned level the victim can encounter some other ancillary ailments too, like dehydration, Pneumonia, malfunctioning like falls resulting in fractures and skin infections like bed sores.
Progression of the disease can be slacken by taking over a wholesome manner of living like fully doing without alcohol & smoking, going for adequate sleeping hours, maintaining a healthy balanced diet and above seeing a health specialist on regular basis.
The disease paces up in people preyed above the age of 65 and analogous to males females to a greater extent are subjected to it.

Causes & Grounds
Till date no fundamental sources and agents have been determined for the onset of the disease but some fishing expeditions have found it to be the consequence of accumulation of broken mitochondria while other fact-finding researchers have analyzed it to be the impact of malfunctioning of two types of protein i.e plaques and tangles.
Inadequate sleeping routine and unbalanced diet too count in the list of responsible agents.

Accustomed doctoring incorporate drugs that curb the fragmentation of Acetycholine (ACH) in brain, halt the the harmful consequences of over accumulated glutamate and carry out other actions in order to normalize malfunctioning contributing to the disease but these co-occur with secondary responses enlisting a few here,
ii.Muscle spasm
iv.Stomach disorders (diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting)
v.Lost vigor
Substitute palliatives are, sufficient intake vitamin C, B6, B12, omega-3 fatty acids, sugar-free and mildly oil saturated foods,

PHYSIOTHERAPY as a curative measure
Physiotherapy proves to be a worthwhile treatment against Alzheimer’s, seeing that it covers therapeutics to avoid the risk of falling, developing a balanced movement, enhancing a worthy gait pattern, making use of mobility aids tending to shun off full dependency.
The periodic exercises upgrades victim’s social graces, boost up memory, regulates blood circulation in brain, civilizes conversations & responses and over and above curtail down the advancing tempo of the disease.

“life is not merely being alive, but being well” (Marcus Valerius Martials)

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