"Geriatric Physiotherapy" ministers to the "1st of 10th"

(Ayesha Ahmad, Peshawar)

October 1st marks as the “international day of older persons”which was labeled by UN general assembly on 14th of Dec in 1990. The day spotlights on the all-round conditioning and lapses of an older individual and uncustomarily put their stature and solemnity on ice.

After auditing the number of personages advancing to the autumn of their life, it has been figured out that females out numbers males in this aspect. They are more anticipated to draw breath beyond the age of 60. Lamentably these supplemental years of life are arrested and subsequently overwhelmed by a number of maladies and malformations.

Ticking off a few here:

i. Arthritis, the dysfunction of joints involving swelling and stiffness of joints resulting in pain. Other manifestations of the disease are loss of appetite, anemia, fatigue etc.
ii. Diabetes, a disorder of the body in which the blood glucose level cannot be dealt with methodically. It shows up as boosted hunger & thirst, overrun renal output, fatigue, excessive weight loss, skin lesions (poor mending of bruises & itchy skin). In extreme cases the symptoms may worsen to vomiting, abdominal pain, dehydration and sooner or later eventuates to coma headed by death.
iii. Dementia, a neuro-cognitive disease causing the gradual fading away of the body by deteriorating speech, vision and thinking capability. Memory loss also occurs.
iv. Osteoporosis, the bit-by-bit ebbing of the bones.The disease exhibits as, the weakening of bones succeeded by ruptures even with a mild jerk, anterior hooking of the spine, reduction of height, backache and degenerative vertebrae.
v. Plumpness, the excessive accumulation of fats on a body which also pans out to be the basis of assorted pathosis encompassing diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, stroke and affecting the physical conditioning of the body.
vi. Heart pathosis, the disorders entirely pertaining to the malfunctioning of heart. These pathosis include arrhythmia, stroke, angina, congenital heart diseases, myocardial infarction etc.
vii. Cancer, the division of irregular cells in a violent manner, classified into 4 majors
viii. COPD, a lung malady hindering the breathing order of an individual.this disease includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis.
ix.Fractures, with the approaching to the late years of life, accidental falls gets frequent inevitably fractures occurs.

GERIATRIC PHYSIOTHERAPY, a chief backing in late age
“not only is health a normal condition but it is our duty not only to attain it but to maintain it”(Joseph Pilates)

Geriatric physiotherapy is wholly solely dedicated to the grays as it manages the late age lesions and malformations. This remedial treatment analyse and manipulate the malformations and lesions.
A rehab specialist empowers a senior citizen to thrive in a solo manner either by boosting up the diminished mobility or upgrading the flexibility and easing them comfort and wellness in order to relish life.
If the functional therapeutics are applied at the earliest it can pare up the probability of diseases.

Diving into the deep sea of elderly lesions,
In arthritis, physiotherapy involves the application of therapeutics to the altered joint to rebuild it. In case of diabetes physiotherapy does its part by maintaining a healthy body weight. Together with diabetes in osteoporosis, COPD and dementia physiotherapy bail out impotence, mobility and scale down fatigue & pain.
Impeding the relapse of cancer and easing the condition of COPD to become breathy are heroic yields of geriatric physiotherapy.

“you are only as young as your spine is flexible”( Joseph Pilates)

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