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Quaid-e-Azam tere Azmat ko Salam

Who is responsible for the plight of Pakistan? The public who cast their valuable vote to elect them or the apathetic rulers or both. These rulers rob people with their hands by using their privileges.

The aim of achieving Pakistan was not just to get freedom, but it was to ensure that all peoples get equal justice.We must keep this in mind what was the real purpose of achieving independence. The true spirit of democracy is justice and harmony in which all people will have equal rights and will get justice. Law should apply whether rich or poor. Education opportunities will be provided to all citizens. But still now everything has been reversed. The domestic situation in Pakistan is not a new situation. Avoiding the punishment of corrupt people is the biggest tragedy. The rich loot every thing and survive.These looters become part of the international mafia. Such durty elements have made Pakistan’s roots hollow. In the past, even corrupt people were always saved. From the republic to the martial law and martial law to democracy such people are related. In a few families responsible for the plight of Pakistan. The same corrupt families grew up. They took control of Pakistan’s politics and did irreparable harm to the people of Pakistan. They developed a slave mind that only worked for the benefit of these corrupt people. They started love wealth instead of Pakistan. These people were just dear their interests and have. Due to these corrupt rulers corruption has spread in every department rapidly.

Quaid-e-Azam forbade corruption. He called corruption a poison. The poison of this corruption has spread everywhere in the country. They were only interested in himself. These people put the interest of the country at stake for their own benefit. Due to these self-interested people dissatisfaction in society creates instability; insecurity has led to volatility and chaos. Society began to collapse. One thing remembers good and evil always go well. There is no shortage of good and honest people but corrupt people are given priority over honest competent people. The need is to bring honest people to the top.The corrupt mafia flourishes very well. These people make a lot of money and took national interest. Pakistan’s capital has shifted to countries like Dubai and the UK. These robbers looted Pakistan badly. The common people went from poor to poor and rich became richer. The value of the Pakistani rupee will decrease and the dollar began to fly in the air. Pakistan economy becomes weak. These corrupt elements destroyed institutions. It has very strong roots in the reputable corrupt elements. This mafia exists in every institution. This corrupt mafia made goods in and out of the country, robbery with both hands. Due this situation made the people of Pakistan and Pakistan poorer. Remember that these corrupt elements always succeed. Present government of PTI has mounted these corrupt elements have been captured by the law. The allegations of dishonesty and corruption on them. They badly robbed the national treasury. Waiting time is when these corrupt persons are caught in the law and get punished. It will also show the integrity of the institutions. People are hoping for justice. The need is that people do not create further frustration. Now justice must be seen. It will bring stability to society and prosperity. If we want to end the anxiety among the people then justice must be made. Ordinary people should see that justice is happening. It is very important to end the frustration with the hearts of the people. It is most important that good and honest people have to be brought to the top. It is very vital to present examples of good and honest people. The bad guyes have to be discouraged. People are expecting government. People are expecting judges hoping for justice. For providing justice honest, competent educated people need to be brought to the top. For this we have to correct our policy and institutions have to be fine and stable. This is no easy task but must not be discouraged and keeps working. Let’s keep moving in the right direction.

It is necessary learn from the past and solve mistakes at every and each level. Dedicated everything to the country and the nation. You will get everything if the country will be prosperous and the people prosper. Good honest and competent people have to provide opportunities. Good relations with other countries are essential but there must be decisions for the benefit of the country. Everyone has to change their mindset that without Pakistan we are nothing. Eliminate frustration in the public and bring prosperity. Equal rights of the people should be given equal. Promotions based on ability and integrity.

The rich man should not be missed because of the money he has accumulated will save yourself. People have been wondering when the money returned goes to the treasury. The money must be returned in treasury in any cost it is a demand of the people of Pakistan from the government. It is most important to keep such people out of politics. Because these politicians make policies and all the development work of the country is in their hands. If they will misuse these forms which will great hurt Pakistan the poor people of Pakistan have to deal with this loss. The policies of the corrupt elements have enslaved mind of the people and irresponsible people get in to their chatter and dance on their tunes. These selfish elements take advantage just look at their self-interest only. Common people do great harm to themselves with their own hands they get own benefit from stupid people.

When we look at the Pakistani politics specific families and specific people are always a shadow over Pakistani politics. They looted wealth of Pakistan badly only and only worked for self interest and all the wealth of Pakistan was collected in other countries. Debt burden on Pakistan has increased. In the poor part only the inflationary the poor went from poor to worse. Higher education degrees are in vain the incompetent rulers brought the unqualified people to the top. Justice does not appear to be far away. Every person is worried and waiting for a miracle when Allah helps the unseen and the common man will also get justice.

There is one thing we must keep in mind we take these corrupt elements into our own hands. The slave minded people have them understand everything. They become fools at the hands of corrupt people. Learn to work with each person with their intellect and distinguish between right and wrong. Learn to work for the betterment and benefit of your country. Strong Pakistan prosperous people that thinking needs to be awakened in everyone.

Past Governments Performance
Let us review the past governments how big claims have been made to catch these corrupt elements but the action zero. This led to frustration among the people. The same thing created anxiety and chaos in society. The major cause of the serioue problems of the Pakistan completely on interested politicians have a responsibility. A close examine of the period from 1947 to 1951 were marked by a struggle for national survival under the patermalistic leadership of Quaid-e-Azam and Liaqat Ali Khan. The second phase from 1951 to 1956 was distinguished by increasing regional conflicts, autocratic leadership, economic dependence, etc. The phase from 1956 to 1958 concluded with the coup of 1958. The period of 1958 to 1969 was dominated by the military rule of General Muhammad Khan whose regime was characterized by the paradoxical combination of the biggest growth rates in Pakistani history and large increases in income inequality. During this period seven families had control over 40 percent of these assets. During the Ayub Khan period

According to the Sami Mustafa, in the absence of political will, institutional change were well as laying the foundation for bigger changes. The political history of Pakistan had undergone different stages. Pakistan had so many leaders but most of these leaders were short sight and lacked the interest. They have given preference to their personal class or party, which creates the inequality among peoples.

During the regime of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto 1971-1977, the anti Bhutto agitation took a religion turn. They polarization between the right and the left paralyzed the country and presented to the military a difficult option allow a possible civil war. In sum Zulfikar Ali Bhutto failed to bridge the gap between socio economic development and political development which has plagued Pakistan for so long.

During the period of General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq 1977-1988, he announced an amendment in the political party act. Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq believed that Pakistan was an ideological state created only in the name of Islam. Lakes of government control over religious educational institutions have given rise to the mushroom growth of fake. The war in Afghanistan had many profound and disturbing residual effects on Pakistan society.

Many steps were taken to withdraw money from bank defaulters in the era of Prime Minister of Shaukat Aziz. But it proved to be timely. Many people put on hand a long list of such people were prepared. Attempts were made to bring the loot back to the treasury, but time proved that was all a hat drama. When a long list was released people were given this impression the wealth that was robbed bring back. All these people were also won and the government was defeated, powerful was won. Attempts were made to cool people’s emotions over time but practice action zero. This is what has always been happening all the hardships have always been for poor people and rich class looted Pakistan’s treasures with both hands. Most of the looters are close friends of Nawaz Sharif and of the Pakistan People Party.

When we look at the period of Quaid-e-Azam and Liqat Ali Khan, we see a very honest and hardworking leader in Pakistan. In this early age we do not see stories of corruption. During this early period the most diligent, sincere and hardworking leaders worked for the country. In the years that follow, we see that the country is having a very bad impact because of their luxuries. Some women were eager, then no one was eager to drink. They lived in their own luxuries. After the great leader of Quaid-e-Azam not all rulers have done much to fool the people. These rulers have enslaved the minds of the peoples. They buy some slave minds for their benefit. Fool people make these corrupt rulers vote again and again. They fool people for their own benefit to get on the streets. Life is strained for those who do not turn their hands. History always remembers good deeds. The rulers who do good deeds will always be remembered in golden words. They will be remembered in all good words, the canal system of President Ayub’s era or the constitution 1973 of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. The matter started to deteriorate from here, when they repeatedly chose these rulers. When they saw that the corrupt people had no question, they followed the same path. As we all know the way of evil is easy, so these rulers followed the same path. Instead of getting a lesson, they have to follow their path. Like alcohol and women, the rule is a different drug, the rule got addicted and it sank, remember only personal interests and stake the interests of the country. Such policies were made in the name of education for the people, their minds would remain slaves. The rulers who elected again and again will do so much harm to Pakistan and the people. They send their children for higher education in foreign countries, the rulers kept the Pakistani people stuck in the circle of Urdu – English medium. Unfortunately, our rulers have not yet decided what language source education will be English or Urdu. Innnamal a’malu binniyat (indeed all actions are based on the intentions). In sum when our rulers have more and more powers, the greed excess goes away and they go astry and forget the right way. They forget that one day they will have to appear before God and Allah loves those who keep themselves clean and pure.

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