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(Abdul Basit Sarohi, Karachi)

Even If I had an Indian columnist, I would have appreciated the way Khan presented a stance of Kashmir and Islamophobia. How Islam was radicalized after the 9/11 incident, and terrorism hasn’t any link to Islam. Terrorism exists everywhere beyond any association with any religion particularly. We are badly affected by terrorism too. Pakistan wants stability in Afghanistan. Further, stability in Afghanistan means stability in Pakistan. Pakistan wants close trade based relations with all its neighbours. War is neither in favour of India nor Pakistan. When nuclear-armed countries are headed face to face, its consequences go far beyond the borders. The language was particular and very straightforward while addressing the united nations general assembly, the Prime Minister was much more confident. Inside the country, people compared him with late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who made his speech in UNO when he was foreign minister. That was the world’s best ever made speech by any foreign minister. It is another thing that time has its own significance. The place doesn’t matter a lot but timing cannot be ignored. So a siding comparison between Bhutto and Khan, I consider Khan’s stance of making aware of threats and results which will be dropped down by the nuclear-armed countries. As far as a critical point of view is concerned, if khan has been seen out then yet we have a lot of reservations in his leadership. Yes, Khan knows a fun of talking because he is, by all means, the qualified man. The student of Oxford University is comparatively better than all previously tested guns except two or thirds.

Imran Khan is over the line after his historic speech at the United Nations organization's general assembly. Now Khan is in the trouble of being in threats of the opposition. It is all about what Imran cultivated in the past when he was in the opposition, and unwillingly will harvest it now. Khan's protest was neither in any favour of the country nor the opposition will give benefit to the state.

It is not a proper situation of protesting against the government. Meanwhile, the state needs bit stability by any means to get rid of internal and external threats. Otherwise, there is the worst time coming ahead to welcome the people of Pakistan. In another aspect, as far as internal politics is concerned, I am far beyond to understand Prime Minister Khan’s approach to change ministers in the cabinet. What sort of mindset he keeps for, I at least cannot comprehend it by all means. What should change him he doesn’t change which is unlikely to be changed; he goes for exchange it. The cabinet looks collection of so many people. Having different mindset and far beyond approaches do not appear that they are going to bring revolution under the leadership of Imran Khan. The biggest province of the country is governed by the chief minister who is still stuck in the stagnant water. What Khan has seen in Usman Buzdsar is a quite anxious thing for us all, I suppose.

And yet, Buzdar is considered a good choice, a decent man, a simple, honest kind of person. The minister is seen by all who have a look at politics closely consider it a blunder by Khan. I think soon or late the chief minister of Punjab is going to be replaced. When you are tested in the strong province which decides your fate of putting you in the government; then this decision by khan, by all means, is an ill will imposed by the former cricketer. To rectify the mistake, Prime Minister Imran Khan should go back to his qualified teammates to replace him. Yes, it is a fact that if Jahangir Tareen had not been disqualified he would have been in the place of Buzdar.

The same as now Khan has brought change at international level too at the UN with Munir Akram replacing Maleeha Lodhi as Pakistan’s permanent representative. Imran had promised for bringing change in the country as prosperity point of view but that promise look was for changing his cabinet time and again. We prefer Khan where he is right, despite having many reservations, the biggest columnists of Pakistan appreciated him the way he highlighted the Kashmir and other issues so far. The prime minister looks certainly hesitant by the failure of his ministers who have not delivered yet which was quite firmly expected. Khan must know this is not a cricket game there you will be a one-man show. There wouldn’t be one man of the match. This is a game of politics there all players need to perform and become men of the match. This is the science of politics especially in Pakistan at all. If you want to bring the required change which was supposed to get in then mere speeches and talks are not sufficient enough. Try to deliver and make it deliver from all your players. Only reshuffling the cabinet will get nowhere to go. At the end of the day, Mr. khan you will be judged at the basis of your country’s progress inside and outside from both ends.
This is one of the widest cabinets in the country’s recent history, with its so many consultants and special assistants adding to an already huge team of ministers. This step of Khan has created a vacuum for criticism for their ministers and has deepened the crisis of governance. Most of the cabinet members are too much in confusion about what to do. What is happening inside the circle, Khan seems less attracted which may bring negative change that even Khan had not been imagined for.

Not surprisingly, Zulfi Bukhari has considered the most powerful person in government having no elected seat, it gives birth to questions about the prime Minister’s vision and maturity. This is why I would name it Imran’s conventional politics which we have been facing for a couple of decades. Then where is your promised change? Is it not a traditional pattern? On what basis we consider our Prime Minister is a visionary man. There are countless questions in the governance of Punjab and kPK for the governing party. The failure in Punjab government will mean a lot for (PTI). Khan’s failure is inviting to the opposition groups on the single-point agenda of bringing down the government. Although both the PML-N and the PPP don't agree to join the Islamabad, a city made for protests called by Maulana Fazlur Rehman, the pressure is expected on the captain. Considering the fact that current opposition is not so strong yet they are capable of making things more difficult for the (PTI) government. The opposition would want to highlight so-called accountability process which has arrested their main leaders in the protest by (JUIF).

Khan's speech at the UN General Assembly cannot make people forget critical issues at home.

There is a dire need for the government to take and implement corrective decisions before it is too late. The Prime Minister ought to think much more than mere talks and speeches. He must emphasis to the cabinet to improve governance and highlight real issues which are taking birth inside and outside the circle. In last I would say Khan must not think a change of faces, he should concentrate on the policy which he wants to apply and gain the required results. The required results will not take place only changing faces; they will be gained by implementing the rule of law in a corrective direction.

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