The Great Discovery

(Afrah Imran, Karachi)

Everyone has aim to achieve his goal to live a better life. When you start to achieve the goals of your life do you remember which person inspired you, gave you hope that you can achieve, one day you will be something special. Who was that person? Everybody requires some motivation to achieve his/her goals. Motivation has a power to inspire someone for to do something whether a person is a teacher, doctor, scholar or a common man. At some point in life we need encouragement. Some people are like that who are living life with no hope. They are so frustrated with the problems of life, they do not find goad anywhere. For such people motivation doesn't work in one day, it will take long time to inspire one's. Such people should read books in which author gave hope or inspired people. These type of books will help demotivated person to motivate or make some motives of life. I tell you some steps in order to aware or discover yourself let's go
1) What do you want to be in your life?
2) Which type of people do you want to be a part of your life?
3) Where do you want to see yourself 10 years from now?
4) Create a list you love to do it could be reading, singing, daydreaming, travelling etc.
5) Everyone has one or more talents, think carefully in which are you good at? Give yourself time, think and feel what do you like about the questions above.

Make a habit to read books and write it in the notebook which type of books do you like to read. Start doing what do you love to do. Make good friends and spend time with family and friends. Start learning things you are interested in. These things can learn by a self study or take admission in a coach. Don't follow the trends it will make your life rebuke. Identify yourself and knowing yourself for a great discovery of life.

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