October 24 is World Polio day declared by UN around the globe But very few number of people know that one of the main cause of circulating Polio Virus is worse Environment especially (positive Sewage water samples).

Worth mentioning #Polio the crippling disease has already killed and paralyzed hundreds of thousands around the globe,

According to available figure of End Polio,data thirty years ago during year 1988(A.D) Polio disease was endemic in 125 countries across the globe by killing or paralyzing more than 350000 people annually. After that due to formation and efforts of Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) by starting Vaccination/campaign of both Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV two drops)and Inactivated Polio Vaccine(IPV) included in some countries in Routine Immunization now a days also called Essential or mandatory Immunization. With addition to this by minimizing the water pollution and improving sanitation system in many countries after taking Environmental samples of sewage water which is the best breading place for growth and spreading of Polio Virus remarkable decrease occurred in Polio disease in last three decades.

Due to above mentioned efforts especially by minimizing the water pollution and improving sanitation system in many countries after taking Environmental samples of sewage water which is the best breading place for growth and spreading of Polio Virus.NOW according to latest figures in year 2019 till date Polio disease is eradicated from entire world except two neighbors countries Pakistan and Afghanistan(WORTH MENTIONING Pakistan has recorded 76-positive polio cases WPV till writing of this while Afghanistan has recorded-18 while in Pakistan out of 76-positive polio Wild Polio Virus WPV cases more than fifty cases are from KPK & Ex FATA Now part of KPK province located on Afghanistan border the figures are alarming and it is predicted from the spread of too many cases that during Year2019 Pakistan is going to cross century more than 100-cases while in previous three years positive polio cases numbers was less than thirty every year that is why the situation is really alarming and need proper attention)with additional Nigeria But Nigeria has not recorded a positive case since three years that is why it may be declared Polio free country in start of year 2020 as compared to 125-countries in year 1988 thirty years ago.

Pakistan and Afghanistan are the two countries having Polio which is matter of a shame that in this era of 21st century when all countries across the globe even Nigeria and African Countries eradicated polio while Pakistan and Afghanistan are still endemic....

Regarding Sewage water samples, samples are taken from the soil and sewage water for testing to see if there is evidence of the wild polio virus. For example, during recent year in 2018-2019 there are more than 18 positive environmental test results in Pakistan from time to time from some major cities Karachi,Lahore,Peshawar,Rawalpindi,some cities of Baluchistan as well as KPK especially Bannu & Waziristan ,Bajur ,Parachinar ,Kohat etc etc of Pakistan which is alarming fact. The continuing positive environmental samples are troubling and a big obstacle.

With addition to this the global bodies e,g Independent Monitoring Board(IMB) run by UN_WHO & other organizations reports published about two neighboring countries Afghanistan Pakistan regarding failure in Polio eradication Especially continuously presence of Polio Virus in Environment & sewage is alarming and the government of both neighboring countries need to take measures for this.

Main obstacle/hurdles in Polio Eradication in Afghanistan Pakistan ESPECIALLY in Polio hub KPK & Ex FATA:-

> negative propaganda and Rumors about Vaccinations ESPECIALLY Polio that it is western agenda(While in reality all other countries including Muslim countries have Eridicated Polio via same startegy of polio two drops Oral Polio Vaccine OPV around the globe).

> Fake finger marking issues in some of the households the community has already permanent finger markers similar using in polio programme and they are using the finger marking without vaccinations thus risking their kids and children lives,this was reported and observed by Independent Monitors.

>In Afghanistan Pakistan (AfPak) border conflict region some areas are still under millitants control due to conflict ESPECIALLY in Afghanistan side where state is not actively present that is why the polio virus is circulating in those areas very rapidly & also transfer to other areas in neighboring areas the reason Polio virus spreading via stool. etc etc

For complete eradication of Polio from Pakistan & Afghanistan and both to become Polio free countries with addition to three core strategies that are,

a)Quality Campaigns (SIAs Supplementary Immunization Activities NID & SNID of two drops Oral Polio Vaccine.

b)Strengthening Routine/Essential Immunization in which addition to OPV Inactivated Polio Vaccine(IPV) is also injected.

c)Strengthening Surveillance System/ Acute Flaccid Paralysis(AFP) as well as Environmental Surveillance Sewage Water, the key factor is also having a clean Environment especially by ending or minimizing Sewage Water pollution.By strengthen Environmental Surveillance Sewage water samples to completely eradicate Polio from two neighbors Pakistan & Afghanistan will result the entire World Free of Polio.

For this purpose Governments of both countries with addition to other segments of society and different stakeholders especially community awareness and advocacy regarding ending environmental pollution Sewage water Pollution especially water pollution is needed which is root of all the major diseases especially spread of Polio virus and disease currently a big global threat.


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