Biography of Umer Mohammad Mianoor

(Fahad, Karachi)

Umer Mohammad Mianoor, son of Mohammad Mianoor was born on 21st September 1995 in Karachi, Pakistan, in his very own man destiny. His energetic character and inclination to develop in his passion and profession makes him known among not many of the youthful skilled Film makers and an entrepreneur. He transformed his fantasies and passion into his profession in an effective manner and relatively few find the opportunity to do it. He is an undergrad and has a lot of experience even then. The experience he has is diverse as he wanted to cherish each aspect of film making. He can be named as a one-man army in terms of film making because of his diverse knowledge about it. From minor to major projects he never upheld off based on compensation he'll get for the work. He never was running for the money yet towards development, experience and learning. His inspiration towards his enthusiasm was never lost anyplace even in his hardest occasions.

Umer belongs to a middle class Memon family. His father Mohammad Mianoor is a businessman, runs an estate agency along with an event management company. Umer with his family has always lived in Karachi. As he belongs to the memon community he knows to speak it fluently along with Urdu, English and Arabic.

Like every other child he got admission into a school, named Yaqeen Model school, studied till second grade and left it to do Hifz from Rawal Masjid, after getting done with his hifz he got enrolled into Karachi Cambridge School and did his matriculation in agha khan board (science) in 2014. He then did intermediate from Creek College CBM campus in agha khan board (pre-engineering) in 2016.After doing his intermediate he managed to get in Iqra University and chose media sciences with majors Film and TV Production.

In year 2015, he went to Dubai for his summer vacations and witnessed a shop named Jacky's, they were offering a package which included Canon 600d with 18-55mm lens and 75-300mm lens with a tripod at a very cheap cost. As dslrs were in trend and every teenager wants to follow trends even if they don’t know if it’s actually what they want to do or not. Luckily Umer’s life took a 360 degree turn when he got his hands on the dslr and started experiencing the photography life. Not knowing it would actually become his passion he changed his mind from applying for mechanical engineering abroad to doing something in film making. This whole journey of exploring lead him to Iqra University and he started doing media sciences in film and tv.

As his journey of getting education about his passion started he didn’t sit still and wasted time like many other students. He had to get practical experiences from the scratch along with his studies to benefit himself more so he started working when he was in 2nd semester as an intern photographer, videographer and editor at Creative Chaos. While doing this internship he got more passionate about it. His urge to grow in his field more was not satisfied even then. After 3 weeks of getting done with this he got internship in a YouTube channel named ‘Maansals’ as a videographer and editor but it was only a part of his journey towards bigger steps so he left it after months of getting fruitful experience. He always wanted to work with a big production house and got an opportunity to work with ‘Big Bang Productions’. He was behind the camera as assistant director of photography of the most loved drama serials which are ‘Cheekh’ and ‘Balaa’ both were aired on ARY digital. Later on, he continued to work with the Director of Photography of Big Bang productions in his new company named as Red Bug Productions as a videographer and photographer and team lead. Along with it he also was working at Monash media Agency. He has created a lot of DVC’s too as a DOP, few of them were for “Waqt Hai” campaign by Amwaj, Hyundai launch, Hyundai Ionic Launch, Garage Gym, MJ Salon, The Mac House, Grey Gorilla, Flayva Café. He also did photography in many genres, you name it and he has done it, be it fashion, food, wedding etc.

Having such diverse experience in the field of film making he started his own business of event management along with his job as DOP at Ad chrome Advertising Agency. He being only 24 and in the final year of his graduation in media sciences has come a long way of being a successful young entrepreneur.

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