Whatever we focus it grows

(Nida Safdar, )

Somewhere in among struggle, education, thinking and worrying about career, family and so on we have lostourselves. We even don’t know who are we? What is our purpose? We badly lost. Why are we always worrying? We don’t know because we have plenty of things we are worrying on and the most devastated thing is we cannot control. We cannot do anything because it has been too late to do anything .yeah too long! But behold! There is someone who loves us a lot. And he is ALLAH.

But let me tell you the reason behind these things. I know that you have been listening about it a lot but unfortunately we do not focus on that. We even do not bother to concentrate on the most important thing. We the humans, the most intelligent specie on earth do not trust in the mercy of our creator ALLAH. He says so many times in the QURAN that everything is pre written in your destiny. If you do not get what you want then remember it’s better for you because He knows but we don’t. Thatswhy, try to be patient in every situation ,when life hits you hard stay connected and focus , on possibilities not on difficulties.

Now you may thinking that we already knew this, but do you know the meaning of this? Have you ever fully trust on ALLAH? The answer is a big NO. Apparently we say that we are n patient, internally we are too disturb. This is the sign of entrust. We every time ask ALLAH that we truest you and simultaneously we worry too much that we become depressed. Depression is nothing but not fully hand over our loads of Burdon to ALLAH.

Allah is the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. He is always ready to help us and forgive us so we need to believe in Allah and obey Allah and seek forgiveness from Allah.
First of all remind yourself that whatever we focus on it grows…..it depends on us what we want? We have lots of blessings we can be focused on that and give ourselves reminders about happy life. But I have observed that everyone in this world have different kinds of problems some of them are worried about their career, they have some goals, dreams ,etc and they have been working a lot and may get depression, anxiety, loneliness if they don’t get their desires. Everyone is suffering,but the situations and conditions are different .try to be humble with other people. Listen to them. Do not utter harsh words when you talk with others. If you make life of others easy ALLAH will make your life easy. So learn to focus on solutions not on problems because if you do that then problems will grow in this much you cannot control them and become hopeless!


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