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Conflicts on business grounds have started from ages we can never say that this conflict has ended in present time. No matter how good employee or employers are in their work somehow conflicts are always present between them. We cannot judge our mistakes by ourselves being an employee or being an employer, but others judge our mistakes very well and can point out our mistakes very easily. Example of accounts payable and accounts receivable can be taken where we can say that they both are always blaming each other during closing of books of accounts. There have been cases where conflict not only arises between employer and employee but also between managers and employee, employee and employee and even customer and employee. The conflicts may cause an employee absentee, low motivation level, lack of interest etc. According to past researches these conflicts can be divided into different types these types includes Task Conflicts where task given to one employee is performed according to his capability and skills and the way he understands the task should be done cultural and traditional conflicts these conflicts arises due to difference of culture, traditions, religions and beliefs. These conflicts have been taking place in most of the working grounds we can also say it has caused many employees to resign from their jobs as well. Conflict due to Experience and skills arises when employer or managers gives favors to an unexperienced person who has got much references in the company or when a newly entered experienced employee gets promotion instead of that who has been working in that company from years. Another conflict arises when an employee is loyal and punctual, performs his tasks on time and still does not get any benefit from the company then this may result in conflict as well. When any team or colleague talks get personal, accusations may be spoken out and they may speculate privately about one another’s motives. Once negative accusation takes hold the emotions gets hurt and effects the motivation and progress level of any employee. So, individuals who are interested in solving conflicts by making others understand their point of view can engage constructive discussion are better in dealing with their issues than those who ignore the conflict and fail to communicate their issues with the other person. Even when we do not try to speak out through words the conflicts are clearly visible to other person e.g. through eye contact and gestures and in verbal statements through tone of voice. The other person can pick up on these signals and interpret them as well and it causes negativism in workplace. Whenever there is a conflict between employees there must be a third person e.g. HR, Admin, Manager etc. who is always available to solve the conflict through such ways as these investigation Session, he must listen to both the parties in order to decide what should be done in order to solve this conflict. Assessing the problem, the third party must assess the problem historically and its current situation. He must go through all means through which the conflict was raised. Administrative Investigations The admin staff should be held responsible for solving the conflicts they should be given certain trainings of dealing with different people in different scenarios. A person held responsible for solving problem will act as a bridge to not only solve the conflict but also make them work together as one team. Individual training based on anger management can be provided to both the parties individually when conflict is raised. Training groups can be hired if the conflict situation is not understandable so that a proper experienced team is hired not only to solve the problem between the employees but also improving their skills and making them work together as team as well.

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