How I controlled my diabetes by diet and exercise

(Iftikhar Ahmed, Karachi)

I had diagnosed diabetes in April 2008. Since then I quit sugar completely in tea or coffee. Besides I also abstained from eating sweets and bakery items. When I go office in the morning I try to walk about 30 minutes every working day. In weekends I wake early in the morning and start walking in my gallery inside the house. I use skimmed milk in my tea and do yoga asanas like wajar Asana mandook Asana half spinal twist Asana and do not drink fruit juices and sugar i drinks at all. On celebrating different types of festivals birthdays parties I do not eat anything which contain sugar. I have also developed six packs at the age of 57 years and consequently my sugar control became better and my hbaic test remains around 6 approximately without using any type of diabetic medicine. If any one want to control his diabetes he should avoid sugar walk at least for 30 minutes if he can easily after consulting his doctor and try to make six packs if he can easily without putting him in danger. Only brisk walking can control any one diabetes if he avoid sugar and junk foods and eat in moderation.

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