Dream To Become A Good Professional

(Dr Zahoor Ahmed Danish, Karachi)

A sound that is often heard in the world.I want to succeed.I want to succeed.He wants to be successful but he does not want to know the secret to success.
How can he succeed without knowing the secret of success?
HereDrZahoor Ahmed Danish will tell you the truth of success and its secrets.
And the secret is to be professional in your work.
You specialize in your workAnd there are professionals in it nobody can stop you successfully.
Dear reader:
In short time I will try to educate you about it.So I will write point to point.

Developing Your Skills
Exercise communication skills.
Work on interpersonal skills.
Learn leadership skills.
Building Professional Relationships
Offer help without being asked.
Show appreciation at every step
Take an interest in coworkers and employees.
Practice networking.
Taking Control of Your Career
Take responsibility for your actions.
Be self-motivated.
Learn to ask.
Make SMART goals.

Not only that, and there are many things that make you a professional.
There are many other things in this journey of success.

I call Dr. Zahoor AhmedDanish. I always wish you the best.There are some more interesting things to say.
They Give People Their Full Attention
They Think Like Managers, Not Employees
They Record Their Accomplishments
They Focus on Results, Not Just Activities
They Pay Attention to Who Else is Getting Promoted
They Don’t Compare Themselves to Others
They Listen to Feedback
They Solve Problems
They Identify Inefficiencies
They Commit to Learning
They Stay Positive
They Socialize
They Pay Attention to Body Language
They Know How to Pitch Ideas (the Right Way)
. They’re Comfortable With Pressure
They Look Cool, Calm, and Collected .
They Look for Opportunities to Get in Front of Others
They Don't Worry About Perfection
They Own Up to Their Mistakes
They Take Opportunities They’re Afraid Of
They’re Not Afraid to Ask for Help
They Don’t Say Yes to Everything
They Constantly Think About Their Careers
They Always Know What They Need to Work On
They Know What They Need to Do Their Best Work
They Actually Like Their Jobs
They Ask for What They Want (and How to Get There)

You don't know how dear you are to me. I am a religious person.I see everything from the point of view of religion.By carrying out this intention, I communicate my knowledge to you.
When you benefit from these things, please pray for me.Goodluck .

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