True learning

(Fayyaz ahmed, Faisalabad)

Personality of child is almost completed before five years of age. Whatsoever he watches or is taught printed on the mind. Family is first and foremost source of personality building. Out of family , he learns very little.

This piece of writing is intended to divert few mothers who takes care of upbringing of their siblings. True learning starts from time of wake up to going to bed. I wanna layout a days plans for a child learning. After wake up, make him to brush teeth and keep him/ her hyginically clean. Second: serve the best breakfast as break fast effects not only physical but is effects mental health. Third: see off for school after checking the articles in the bag. Fourth: welcome from school and serve the full of nutritions meal. Fifth: let the child rest for few hours: sixth: let the child do home work: seventh: let the child take half an hour rest: eighth : involve the child in physical activity.ninth: it is time for recitation of Quran: tenth: dinner time. Eleventh : bed time stories having morals it. Despite all of this never forget to make him to offer prayers five times a day.

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