The Farmer And The Snake

(ghazalkhanzada, tandoallahyar)

Once A Famer Was Going To His Feild In The Morning It Was Very Cold That Day On His Way To The Feilds He Found A Snake Frozen Due To Chill He Took Pity On It And Took It To His House In A Basket He Placed The Snake Near The Fire His Childern Gathered Around It After A Few Minutes The Snake Began To Move And Than Crawled All About All Of Sudden It Rushed At One Of The Childern But The Farmer Killed It Before The Could Bite Them Moral Nature Cannot Change.

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06 Jul, 2011 Views: 19656


آپ کی رائے
really nature can never be changed
By: anie, isl on Dec, 08 2013
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An old but true story.It is universal truth that nature cannot change.A bad person or beast is always harmful to their friends.
By: *Rizwana Khan*, ***Karachi*** on Jul, 07 2011
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