Eat healthy and stay healthy

(Hira taj, Faisalabad)

Healthy eating must be our first priority. Our food should be healthy so we can stay fit and active. We see many new diseases have emerged in recent times which were never before. It is all due to our poor dietary habits due to which we can see many young and even children are suffering from many dangerous diseases. We should note down our eating habits and should avoid unhygienic food like pizzas, burgers, oily food, and several types of other processed food. We should add more fruits, salads, eggs, milk, fresh juices etc. These are helathy sources of essential vitamins and minerals which our body need to function properly. We can see many brain abnormalities are just due to improper diet during pregnancy of a mother which badly effect child. One major concern is that we can see now children are also prone to some major type of cancers. It is more threatening to our coming generations. Other major reason of it in our country hardly we can find pure and hygienic material related to food. We should take notice of it and try to provide 100% pure and hygienic things so at least we can eat without fears or apprehensions.

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