My Body is My Will

(Aamer Shahzad Abbasi, Bhurban (Murree))

“My body is my Will” is the slogan of exploitation of women, the respect given to Islam by women, they are not tolerated by foreign agents, few people want to destroy the moral values in the guise of women's liberation, Will not be tolerated. The slogan caught the attention of many people through social media and a large number of Pakistanis, with their anger and wonder, what education was being given and how it was being talked about for rights. Brazenness is targeted at our Islamic and social values in Pakistan.

Some NGOs working to spread Western culture and here recently held a demonstration in the name of women's rights and their freedom in some of Pakistan's major cities. Through this demo, the message was conveyed that the woman is completely free and she is not influenced by any man, father, brother or husband for her decisions. The main slogan of this demo was

'My body is my will' is vulgarity. Constitution, law and civilization do not allow this; the slogan is for barely one per cent women who have a march outside agenda, what right are they demanding? Islam has given women a share in inheritance, property and livelihoods, but some are taking the country towards ignorance.

NGO’s want to talk about the rights of women; talk about the rights of women education instead of their so-called agenda.

Allah has given woman a place so great that she has placed paradise under her feet. If we think about a man, how can a man's body be his will, if a person has a bad eye, will he fix it himself, if anyone has cancer. Can he remove it from his body, what shape will we be born of, what will we have of our body, our body and what we know of it, even if we cannot name ourselves, then how we can say “My body is my Will”

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