Another Threat

(Lareb Aslam, Sukkur)

While the Pakistan perilously suffering from immense issues, conflicts and pressure .Issues like stagflation, political instability, abysmal rate of inflation which is about 13%. Nevertheless Pakistan is one of the country who is also facing climate hazard. Conflicts may be International and National, lingering conflict of Kashmir which has born along our birth, conflict between opposition and current ruling party. Pressures from great powers that whether you are with us or not, it may be from IMF and also can be from FATF. There is no doubt that Pakistan has been remain in tyranny, which collapsed the present and future of Pakistan. Surely and swiftly having these all nuisance which are hitting Pakistan from inside and also from outside. Palpably the arms deal was concluded between Washington DC and New Delhi. According to media reports, inclusion of attack helicopters it is said to about $3billion. The deal will disturb the balance of region. United States wants India’s hegemony in all over the region in order to contain China but unfortunately the repercussions of this deal will ultimately a blatant violation of Balance of Power. Now Pakistan needs to contemplate over this issue.

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By: Abdul Jabbar Larik, Islamabad on Mar, 30 2020
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