Corona Virus: View of Judgment Day

(Najeeb Qasmi, Riyadh)

Corona Virus: View of Judgment Day
Dr. Mohammad NajeebQasmiSambhali

In the world from time to time there are incidents that remind us of the Dooms Day. On one hand, where the world is moving towards Third World War, the anti-nationalist forces seek to harm the country's secularism by creating hatred and enmity among the Hindu and Muslims. In our country which is plagued by economic crisis and has been witnessing immense protest against CAA, NPR and NRC for almost three months, the corona outbreak spreading from Wuhan city in China has reached India like many other countries. Much has been written about Corona, and now everyone in the world is aware of this deadly disease and its symptoms. According to doctors, the disease was already present, but no remedy or vaccine has been developed yet. Despite the invention of drugs and vaccines for the treatment of various ailments, new diseases continue to be exposed to all world powers, a recent example of the corona virus being spread worldwide. Fear has made China restless. Science has made a lot of progress. While some people are busy looking for life objects on the moon, some countries are making big missiles and destroying each other. Efforts are underway to make the whole world a village through electronic media and social media. But scientists from around the world have not managed to prevent some deadly diseases. Scientists are compelled to look at the strange systems of the world and to say that they have understood only a small part of the world. Just think how such a big system of the world can operate without great power? Not at all, not at all. So take a lesson from such ailments. Certainly benefit from the creation of the universe, but also turn towards the Creator, obey His commands. Despite being a leader of a country, being a rich man in the world, becoming a great scientist and gaining a lot of fame in the world, there will come a day when we (like all human beings on earth) will be buried beneath the soil. In fact, despite the progress of science today, it is impossible to understand why all humans die, and why are they born despite not wanting to taste death? And why this world existed at all? This is the greatest sign of the existence of Almighty Allah and the Creator of the universe.

Various things have emerged about the current Corona virus outbreak, whether it is a model of biological weapons that one might use to weaken another power in the future, or the US attempt to create an economic crisis in China, or Is there a conspiracy or secret project of China that the world is still unaware of, or is it really the punishment of God? But as Muslims we must know what we should do in the light of Islamic law in the outbreak of such pandemic diseases. In the light of the Qur'an and Hadith, the entire Muslim community agrees that first of all we should have a stronger relationship with the Almighty. We must obey the commandments of Allah and seek His forgiveness for our sins. Those who study the seerah of Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) are well aware that in such circumstances, the Prophet (peace be upon him) used to advise his companions to turn towards Allah. Of course, some diseases can be transmitted from one person to another, which is why at the outbreak of a pandemic, the last prophet instructed if a plague accrues in a place, don’t enter it. If it accrues in place where you are, don’t get out of it. But we must believe that sickness and healing come only by Allah's command.

There is seemingly no cure for this current disease, so taking precautionary measures is not contrary to Sharia law. But none of our plans should be against the clear command of the Quran and the Hadith.

Of course, we should take precautionary measures, but relying on Allah is a part of our faith. The use of resources is not against the Divine Law. As a precautionary measure the Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia, ordered for discontinuing the congregation of prayers and Friday prayers indeterminately, even the ‘Tawaaf’ in Masjid-e-Haraam (Makkah), the training centre of the Muslims has been discontinued. In the time of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and the Caliph Rashidin, all political, social, and religious decisions were made from the mosques. On such occasions the mosques serve as a refuge for Muslims. The decision for closing the mosques throughout the Arab is taken by the Ulama Board of Saudi Arabia, though such decisions are based on the government directives. It is quite incomprehensible to close the ‘Tawaaf’ and mosques before closing the airports, railway stations, bus stands and other services.

Even the excerpts from the Quran and Hadith have been quoted for closing of mosques to protect against the Corona Virus Disease (CVD). No one can deny the fact that since the time of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and the 1400-years-old Islamic history, pestilences had been spread throughout the world, even in the reign of Caliph Hazrat Umar Farooq (RA), a plague-like pestilence speeded, but no Islamic government issued such ordinance of closing the mosques throughout the country. Whereas the People in those countries where the mosques have been closed as per the government instructions, would not be guilty of leaving the Jamaat. The government and the scholars will be answerable before Allah and all people should repent.

The argument based on the Prophet (SAW) permission offering the prayers inside the tents was only in case of severe cold and rain, shouldn’t correlate closing the mosques throughout the country. In case of spreading an epidemic in any area that is based on of facts and research, the mosques in the affected area may be closed. Even in the battlefield where negligence of a moment can change the face of the war, the obligatory prayers (FarzNamaz) were offered in congregation as mentioned in the Holy Quran (Surah Al-Nisa, 102).

Therefore, it is advisable to use reason, but having trust in Allah is absolutely necessary. The Qur'an has repeatedly emphasized on reliance on Allah. For the sake of summary, I am quoting translation of few Quranic verses. "Trust in the One who is alive, who will never die" (Surah Al-Furqan 58) "When you are determined to do something, put your trust in Allah" (Surah Al-Imran 159). Allah is Sufficient for Him. "(Surat Al-Talaq 3)" Indeed, the believers are the ones who, when Allah is mentioned to them, their hearts soften and when their verses are recited to them, they add to their faith and they rely on their Lord only "(Surah An-Nafal 3). Our Prophet has taught us to rely on Allah several times, I will present here only one Hadith: Hazrat Umar (RA) reported that The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: If you trust in Allah as if you had the right to rely, then Allah will provide you with sustenance just as He gives the birds that they would get up empty stomach in the morning and will return with full stomach in the evening. (Narrated by Tirmizi)

Take precautionary measures to prevent coronary disease from escalating, visit the hospital immediately if symptoms of the disease occur, and even stay away from others. All people should wash their hands repeatedly, especially during each prayer. Drink water, avoid unnecessary gatherings, but keep in mind that the time and place of death is fixed so there is no need to panic. Just try to avoid the disease to the possible extent. Allah has repeatedly stated this fact of death; the translation of the four verses is presented: Wherever you are (one day) death will catch you, even if you are living in strong castles. (Surah An-Nisa '78) Say:' The death from which you flee is near to you. That is, when the time comes, death will surely surprise you. (Surah Al-Jama'a 8) So when their fixed term comes, they cannot stay behind even for a moment. (Surah Al-A'raf 34) And no one knows what part of the earth death will come on. (Surah Luqman, 34) These verses indicate that every person will surely die, but the time and place of death is unknown to them except Allah.

When we believe that all things come from Allah, He is the One Who relieves us from difficulties, fulfills our needs, heals our diseases, so we should keep a special arrangement of prayer because prayer is also an important worship. We should never be lazy in prayer; it is a matter of great disappointment that we make many plans for the calamity and suffering of sickness, but we do not do anything that is easier and more useful. So we need to pray very well in front of our Creator that only Allah will remove this disease from all over the world.


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