Its time to act, inaction is no longer an option

(Lareb Aslam, Sukkur)

I have been listening to PM’ s series of addresses since the covid-19 has sparked in the country. I am shudder to think that are the words enough to grapple with this pandemic? Or the hefty announcements of relief packages? Contrary to it I lost in dilemma whether the economy is more important or the life of the people? I want to ask that if people will not remained safe and alive, where the hell economy will go? Nevertheless economy itself is the science which conduct the study of resources to fulfill the needs of the people. Nobody is asking the ruling party why there was not an inclusion of any proper medical resources for the pilgrims who came from Iran. There was not real housing just five people ragged tent, no bathrooms, towels or blanket. The camp which is situated inside the town of Taftan border in Baluchistan province was supposed to set as a quarantine location. According to Mohammad Bakir who was held there for two weeks, it was not more than a prison the dirtiest place where I ever stayed in my life. We were treated like animals there were no facilities but also no humanity said Bakir. According to doctors at the camp , even those who presented with symptoms were not tested and also not isolated, and there was a severe shortage of nurses and doctors in the camp. Contrary to it all the opposition parties and some of the anchors also questioned that why they allowed the pilgrimage to come back, in my point of view the problem was not the who came back because the people are from Pakistan as we were aware, Iran was also suffering from covid -19, it is the responsibility of Pakistan they had to think about their people, while Iranian people were also fed up grotesquely, apropos what Pakistani government should have to be done is made their services strong at the taftan border where the people were not just 2 or 4 but in hundreds. While we have already got one thousand checking guns from Japan. It was the intransigence of our political leaders, which forged this situation. For God sake its time to act, inaction is no longer an action. We don’t need your promises we all remember their promises quite blatantly. Promises like to provide 10 Million jobs , could someone briefly tells us that, how many have been created ? and how many tress have been planted. While the current Government has announced Tsunami of Billion trees? Could they please let us know how many have survived, A billion trees need a lot water, strenuous care, any amount budgeted for this plan? It was manifested with huge fame that the PM house would be converted into a University. Now its not a suitable time to ask that all ephemeral promises, but I want to remind that we really don’t need these types of words which can not be implemented. To fight with corona pandemic we have to be implementer not just a speaker. The exemplary victory of China can not be deniable. Repercussions of this peril can be lead from generations to generations. Pakistan already facing series of crisis and lingering hazards , there is need to be acted as the one responsible leader should.

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