Treatment of Corona-Virus through Passive Immunization is big achievement of Pakistan Scientists

(Dr. Shaukat Chauhdary, Lahore)

COVID-19 Treatment Through Passive Immunization

Passive immunity is the transfer of active humoral immunity of ready-made antibodies. When an antibody formed in one individual such as in immunoglobulin therapy or antiserum therapy is given to those individuals who are at higher risk of infection.

How it works: Antibodies are taken from those who have recovered, or have gained immunity, are given to the sick. This way, there is a chance of recovery if the patients cannot develop their own immunity. "This method was used in the treatment of SARS and Ebola before. COVID-19 is new in medical literature but based on previous experience and research on people who tested positive for COVID-19, health professionals say this method could be effective.

Passive Immunisation therapy: to treat coronavirus patients in Pakistan. Yahiya Jafri, a coronavirus survivor from Pakistan, has donated his plasma to doctors to help them in the fight against the novel infection. The team used blood donated by recovered COVID-19 patients to purify antibodies, capable to neutralize coronavirus.

Dow University's research team has made a very important breakthrough as they prepared intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) with plasma obtained from recovered patients of the deadly virus through which COVID-19 Critically ill patients can be treated. Through this method, Immunoglobulin is prepared after the separation of antibodies found in the blood of a recovered patient from the corona. This way of treatment is a safe, low risk and highly effective against Coronavirus.

The Dow University research team led by Dr.Shaukat Ali has developed this (H-IVIG) hyper immunoglobulin (H-IVIG) approved by the US Federal agency, Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The team was able to collect a first blood sample in March 2020 and managed to isolate antibodies chemically, purified it and later concentrated these antibodies using the ultrafiltration techniques that remove the remaining unwanted materials from the final product.

As in other countries, according to reports in The Guardian, so-called "convalescent plasma" would be given to patients and their contacts in a number of clinical trials that are under consideration with medical funding bodies. Prof David Tappin, a senior research fellow at the University of Glasgow, has applied to the National Institute for Health Research to run two clinical trials with convalescent plasma

This is the first global report of isolation, formulation and safety demonstration of immunoglobulin purified from recovered COVID19 patient and can be a ray of hope in this time of crisis when the whole nation expects national researchers to come forward and serve the nation. Laboratory testing and safety trial of the formulated product (experimental vials) in animals have been successful. The Vice-chancellor DHUS has assigned the task to clinicians at Dow hospital to team up with researchers to devise a strategy for fulfilling ethical and regulatory. Their drive to collect further blood donations is continued and in parallel, they are working on scaling-up their production process. They are determined to carry their achievements forward.

Dow University of Health Sciences, Pakistan has to lead the efforts against the novel Coronavirus COVID-19 by first isolating the SARS-COV-2 virus for genome sequencing, then discovering human genes resisting the virus, and now has isolated and purified the antibodies composed of Immunoglobulin's fraction of the plasma of the recovered patients.
Note: This is the treatment through plasma rich antibodies of COVID -19 recovered patients and still the COVID-19 vaccine is not discovered.

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