Beautiful Short Stories

(Hamza Ali, )

Books play vital role in a one’s life.Thesocieties where people read books are far ahead in every field of life. Books are the best friends. And good bookstalk, guide and befriend. One of such book isTahir Mahmood’s ‘A Lone Long Walk’; hededicates it to life because he thinks the challenges of life give us strength and the mazes of life make the life adventurous. As a soldier by profession, traveller by choice and student of human history by passion,he has written short stories based on life, love and duty.

The author sent forme his book with his signatures.It’sreally a matter of great honour.The first glance of this precious gift, its beautiful title and the contents list really attracted me. As I started reading it, it seemed amazing. All the topics are not justunique; theyforcefully attractone’s attention. I love travelling and writer is a ‘traveler by choice’; in hisbook the author has written stories ofvarious journeys and he sharesexperiences. I really enjoy reading it. I think, after reading the book, onewould wish to go to the north because the author has mostly written about our northern areas. In one of his stories,“Love Across the High Mountains”, he beautifully paints the beauty of Nature,and introduces a group of tourists from China. One wonders Allah has blessed us with such a beautiful country. So, the book intrigues youto go out and explore the beautiful landscape of this land.

More importantly, the book is handy, catchy and for people of all age groups, especially youngsters. It’s a treat to read“with love and passion”. It is full of life and gives strength to work in present for a betterfuture. His “The Man Who Lived the Hundredth Cut” is aheart touching story,with an emotional ending. The author has written many poems too; his poetic expression is also wonderful. His poem‘Traveler’is awesome – a combination of love and sorrow, hope and struggle. See the lines:

Since long in search of love
I am traveling from place to place
Mirages of love,
Stopped my steps, many a times
I lost myself, all the time.

Ahmed Yousaf, Lalkurti, Rawalpindi


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