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Before 1971, abortion was criminalized under Section 312 Indian Penal Code 1860, described it as intentionally causing miscarriage. It is estimated 15.6 million abortions was took place in India every year. Except in cases where abortion was carried out to save the life of women. The abortion is a painful procedure for pregnant women. If she would die during the procedure of abortion then it will be penalized for five year imprisonment or fine or both sentences it will award to the serving providers. The significant proportions to these are accepted to be unsafe. The women in pregnancy is perversely treat to others that it is explicit to all. So do not hesitate, treat her with love and affection. In many countries the abortion is prohibited but in few states in the world is allowed. India is one of the countries who have been introduced new laws for abortion and made it practical for all women who live in India.

The purpose of abortion does not desire to bring female child into this world. Normally, we said that she enforce to miscarriage when they knew it news of female child. Normally, family members pressurize to women to do so or go for abortion. It is a sin in Islam. However, it is allowed on some circumstances when the life of the women in danger or she victim of rapist. The sole object of abortion is to reduce women birth rate in India which is increasingly. It has been violated Human Rights. The fundamental principles are violates in India in every year. The condition of 24 week’s it clearly shows that what the object of Indian government is. Unfortunately, this condition has been enforced by the Indian Courts. Currently, the birth of female babies is reducing in India in every year. The 300 hundred women have been died in a month during the procedure of abortion in India every year. The Medical Termination of Pregnancy (Amendment) Bill 2020 is allowing abortion in India till the 24th week of pregnancy. The object of the amendment in Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Bill is taking of ulterior motives.

The selective abortion should not be allowed by any state. It is not an abortion it is a murder. The condition of 24th week’s means six months that it is very clearly shows that how Indians murder their new born babies i.e, (females child.) In 2000 to 2020 thousands of female child has been murder through abortion. It is a violation of Human Rights even breach of fundamental rights of the citizen. The Indian government has protected MTP bill through the shed of laws. This is neither a standard nor method of modern human civilization. Moreover, the health of the women is in danger during the procedure of abortion. These are the aspects which is ignoring by the government of India before making any new laws for the women.

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