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If one start entanglements with the non-cognitivist of COVID-19. There would be no egress or ending point of complex discussion. Mystery of the unprecedented virus will keep its ice. This article would simply exhibit real and unreal sides of virus-globally or nationally.

As in the case, world is facing the dangerous threat of life plus each and every developed,under developed and undeveloped countries are contributing their best to overcome this hilarious outbreak.

Unfortunately, as stated by globally-more than billions have infected and in Pakistan million+ has infected and thousand+ has deceased. Emotionlessly, the existence off conspiracy theorists are changing the picture in a way their concepts. Basically, They claims a particular virus is just a scam,planing or whatever for numerous purposes.

Kelly borgan is one of the famous conspiracy theorists. She has a degree from the Massachusetts institute of technology and studied psychiatry of Cornell university. Above all the situation of Italy and China-she demands the basis tenets of germ theory itself while endorsing pseudoscientific ideas.

Cognisably, Pakistan is also full of conspiracy theorists educated or either uneducated. Who really do not adhere to government's updates because of their concepts of falsity of virus. Local people are also busy in providing the excuses for the non-existent of COVID-19 as it is "a yahoodi sazish- anti shia procession sazish-sazish of dettol against qibla Barry Hakeem sahab ( Social interpretation), virus is man made for the economic purpose- governmental scam to gain money from WHO (Economic interpretation)". All of these mentioned excuses we normally hear from the people of our countryside. Plus the economic interpretation is most acceptable and popular one also in world.

For instance, it was believed this virus is sagacious plan by USA to reclaim its dying hegemony like they created the virus in the laboratories and halt this to China. Surprisingly, the Chinese foreign office also claimed this outbreak is brought by American soldiers. But the scientists are unanimous in rejecting that claim. Such as, US microbiologist Kristian Anderson along with his team refuted that COVID-19 is laboratory-engineered virus. Empirically, all the mentioned concepts have proved illicit or erroneous.

Now let's proceed to the cognitive belief of COVID-19. By observing all the circumstances globally or nationally no sensible individual can deny the reality of virus. In our country , fatality rate is escalating day by day, hospitals have lack of ventilators and beds, doctors are contracting virus and many of them has deceased, economic situation is worsening on extreme levels, judges and further law makers are getting infections and moreover hurdles are ready to arrive.

Additionally, the first doctor's death was of a senior demonstrator Dr. Ghazala passed away at nishtar hospital due to Corona virus. Dr. Rubina Mustafa sister of deceased lady has stated that her sister contracted COVID-19 from the hospital while escorting others. "We are more than 15 doctors of a family from nishtar medical college and serving different specialties with dedication. Illiterate people are saying there is no Corona virus and keeping on their social activities which put our doctors in the risk" she stated.
Moreover, Jamal Khan Mandokhel, the chief justice of Balochistan High Court and his 8 family members have tested positive and was sent to self isolation akin many other famous individuals Such as, Shahid Afridi Khan who recently confirmed his infection and Former prime minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has also contracted the virus as many other people. This should be enough to prove the reality of virus. In case, it is not for you then, saying 'you are waiting for yourself' would not be too hilarious. I by myself didn't deeply do believe in the virus suddenly, my paternal uncle (dad's father) had infected with deadly virus and the all family is shocked now.Since he has been sent to self isolation-his children and wife are facing mental trauma of keeping distance from him.

Cumulatively, proved COVID-19 is NOT A LIE. It is a reality based on real circumstances. A government can lie but not the system and conditions. It can be said that the government is reporting more cases than reality for the purpose of donation from WHO but one cannot believe this is an entire scam. Take precautions and follow SOPs updates and save yourself and other too.

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