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Is abortion legal in India?
Yes, abortion legal in India. There is some restriction only. At least two doctors have recommended the abortion. They have been mentioned on his report that there is no complication during the abortion.
Can an unmarried woman access abortion in India?
Yes, unmarried women can access any abortion center easily in India. It is essential to take some precaution measure before going for abortion of unmarried women. The unmarried women are taking much care before going for abortion because it will harmful impact upon his health even in future maternity life.

Women Health
Normally, depression, headache is common illness in women in Haryana. There are many diseases of women like pain in abdomen, period issues, nourishing of bones, mentally and physically weak are the main issues for the Indian women. Women health is the key point to be solved in Indian states. There are many circumstances when women health is being in danger during the procedure of abortion. On the other hand, thousands of female workers in Indian states have been living below the poverty line. It is bitter reality. The Haryana State and Rajasthan state is more critical condition there women are so depressed due to lack of abortion facilities even medical treatment too. The maternity center should establish in these villages. As far as concerned, Day care center is also being developed in these villages as well for depute staff to surveillance to facility. Moreover, the Medical doctors and paramedical staff have not been available in those villages which it will create any problematic situation at any time. The government has to be operational medical Theater i.e, operation facility or abortion or (C-Section) which is helpful for women when they are in some serious condition.

The lady health workers are being nominated for counseling of women in the respective villages or town. They provide free health care facility. In spite of all this, it is essential to highlight the concept of condoms and take precautionary measure before sex and abortions. To take-up an early abortion is reduce risk of life and maintain the health of women. The condition of 24th week is risk of women life as well her health. The medicine is available in the markets which is helpful for an early abortion. However, the government has allowed essential services for abortion facility in lock-down periods. The primary health care is sole responsibility of the Indian government to facilitating people of India even providing basic lifesaving medicine at residential area for everyone.

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