Karachi Residents Suffers Due To K-Electric Load Shedding

(Farah Sadia Ansari, )

During this situation of lockdownthe mercury consecutively touching almost 40 degrees Celsius in Karachi since the past few days, the city’s residents found themselves in added misery as over 16-hours long unannounced power outages continued. Karachiites are already under massive mental pressure due to coronavirus pandemic and their sufferings prolonged load shedding every day and night.

K-Electric has testing the patience of the city’s people specially the COVID-19 patients observing self-isolation and those in quarantine and people who living in coronavirus hotspot areas under smart lockdown due to unannounced power disconnections over the past few days. Factories are not working for long hours because of the constant phases of load-shedding. Students are also disturbed by load-shedding during their study hours, particularly during exam time.

K-Electric using the sameold excuse of shortage of furnace oil. After residential areas, industrial areas too are experiencing load shedding of ten to sixteen hours Most affected areas in the city of light were Baldia Town, Aurangzeb Town, Landhi, Nazimabad, Surjani Town,Lyari,Korangi, PIB Colony, Malir and Shah Faisal Colony.

President KCCI Urges K-Electric toPrevent Load Shedding
Agha Shahab Ahmed Khan, President KCCI urged the K-Electric to prevent continuous load shedding spell and concentrate on improving the infrastructure of Karachi, particularly power generation capacity and distribution .Agha Shahab said because of K-Electric’s poor performance, the majorityof localities of Karachi have suffer load shedding and power failures every day for severalhours on a daily basisthis ends up substantial losses.

“Due to the outbreak of coronavirus and the lockdown for more than two months and now. The industries have suffered badly and effected due to massive load shedding, which poses threat to the staked survival of industries.”

He asked ‘What is that motive behind carrying out immense load shedding in arare situation’?

Agha Shahab said that Monsoon season is coming soon and heavy rainfalls have been forecasted by the Metrological Department so K-Electric must act sensibly and responsibly and avoid repeating mistakes. And plan for the future seriously and adopt rigorous measures to make sure uninterrupted and safe power supply during the rainy season to karachiites.

“In Karachi during last year’s lot of people were electrocuted unfortunately Monsoon season and the same situation may happen this year as well because no safety measures have been adopted so far hence K-Electric’s management must take up this matter seriously on priority and plan effective strategies for the future and to save precious lives in case the cityundergoes torrential rains”,

Stop Unannounced Load Shedding in Sweltering Summer
K-electric sending bills like people are millionaires and doing worst load shedding in Karachi, no onegoes to ask k-electric about this worst load shedding and insanely high bills.

When someone complains about a power outage, KE representatives respond with the same default messages about “technical faults” and “work is under way” that they have prepared beforehand, in order that theyjust copy and paste them, “But sometimes, they don’t even bother to reply.”

The Load Sheddinghas made the lives of Residents of Karachi disturbed and Transforming the city of lights into a city of darkness. If K-electric not know how much stock of furnace oil they have and what customers will face. It’s clear incompetence of K-electric.

The citizens of Karachi have demanded the federal and Sindh government to take notice of long hours of continuous unannounced load shedding in Karachi amid the hot weather and Covid-19 pandemic.

“NowK-electric should stop over billing if they don’t provide electricity properly to the Residents of Karachi.”

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