English Poetry About Nature

(Tehreem-un-Nisa, Kharian)

Today when i went to morning walk
The cold air blew and began to talk

In my ears the air sang a song
"Lets sing with me ! Your way is long !"

"Look at the grass, what is shining??"
I picked up a leaf, the dew was brightening

Dew drops looked like diamond and jewls
That maked me surprised and amuse

Then i took turn down,towards woods
The tall, big trees were full of red hoods

The birds of all kinds were singing
Some were wistling,some just chirping

The pine trees were dancing in air
I was lost in greenry without any care

Then, a fragrance of flowers came from right
When i saw there,it was amazing sight

The million of flowers were dancing beside lake
The fragrance whispered me "Its for your sake ! "

I became so happy and loved all the view
This is the nature "ALLAH has made for you! "

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