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Shakir Shuja Abadi is a well-known and beloved Saraiki poet who belongs from Pakistan, (Punjab, Multan, Shujabad) as well as he is known as the Shakespeare of Saraiki poet.

Real Name:
His real name is Muhammad Shafi and the pseudonym is Shakir Shuja Abadi.

Shakir Shuja Abadi was born on February 25, 1968 in Raja Ram, a small village in Shujabad, 70 km from Multan. He was able to speak until 1994, following a stroke that left him unable to speak properly and his grandson continued to translate them.

On August 14, 2006, he was awarded the prestigious Honor of Excellence for his outstanding performance by the Government of Pakistan.

Shakir Shuja Abadi belongs to Raja Ram, a small village in Shuja Abad, about 70 km from Multan. He is a contemporary poet of the Saraiki language.

For the past several years, he has been the voice of the hearts of the oppressed people of Saraiki. They are deprived of their ability to speak, but he has highlighted the frustrations of the Saraiki people and given them language to reflect their emotions. Shakir have been doing regular poetry since 1986. He could not read books, because of lack of education. His knowledge of poetry is the culmination of all radio programs.

He says, “My problem is not just Saraiki, but I speak to the oppressed people all over the world, even if they are unbelievers.” By 1994 he could speak. He was then attacked by a stroke, unable to speak properly.

“I didn’t go to school much,” he says. “Everything has been learned from consideration and experience of the world”. In an interview, he said, “The main reason for the fall of Pakistan is the control of the landlord and the people do not rise up against them.” If people are made to know how to get out of slavery then problems can be solved. ”

He is alienated from the existing political system. Among the leaders of the past, he likes Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Who gave the people awareness of rights.

Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani once gave him a check of two lakhs which he put on a school building in his area. But the school is closed due to lack of staff. While, he is living in extreme poverty, mostly he lived sick.

He did not take the thought and philosophy of his poetry from any book, university or the ideas of great intellectuals. But what they saw, thought, understood, and spent on them kept penning down.

In a poem (Moshehra), where students and professors from different universities gather to hear his poetry and they were asked how he was feeling among these educated people. So he said that I wanted to become a scientist after getting education in childhood. But because of poverty, could not get education. But now I’m glad I made people’s voices, and many educated people listen to me and write about me.

His poetry has become the voice of oppressed nations and oppressed classes, transcending the boundaries of language. Workers, peasants, slum dwellers and people who are fed up with religious degradation in every corner of Pakistan will find you shouting poetry of Shakir Shuja Abadi. And they may not even know who the creator of these poems is? The subject of his poetry is poverty, backwardness, unequal economic distribution, dishonesty and religious contractors are regressive.

It seems that his poetry is a natural response to his personal problems in the region and the backdrop of the Saraiki belt. But because of his style, he has linked his poetry to the global situation. And as long as they have problems – The people of this region cannot forget the Shakir Shuja Abadi. His poetry will reflect his problems as well as keep the urge for change in them.

Published Collections of his poetry:
(Kalam e Shakir) کلامِ شاکر
(Khuda Janay)خدا جانے
(Shakir Diyan Ghazlan) شاکر دیاں غزلاں
(Munafqan Tu Khuda Bachaway)منافقاں توں خدا بچائے
(Shakir De Dohray) شاکر دے دوہڑے

Here are some selected poetry of Shakir Shuja Abadi:
دل منگ پووی تاں لنگھ آوویں ، میڈے گھر دا سوکھا راہ اے​
ہاں واسی ڈکھ دے صوبے دا، ضلع غم، تحصیل جفا اے​
ہِک میل فراق دے موضعے توں، واہندا ہنجوواں دا دریا اے​
جڈاں شاکرؔ پرھلی منڑ ٹپسیں، اگوں سامنے میڈی جا اے​

Shakir Hussain Shakir And Shakir Shuja Abadi:

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