Fanatic Modi is a global Powers’ Cat’s paw

(akram saqib, Sahiwal)

"History only teaches us that if we do not learn from it, then history punishes us. Those who do not remember the mistakes of the past and repeat them get nothing but harm. Indian fanatical Prime Minister Modi is reluctant to recall the mistake made by his country in the Sino-Indian war of 1962. Modi is about to repeat the mistakes made by the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru on China's strategy because he relied heavily on the advice of his pro-Russian aide VK Krishna Menon, Modi also relies on his foreign minister, Sobra Manium J. Shankar, who believed the alliance with the United States is correct. It is essential for the interests of India, although both history and time testify against it. Henry Kissinger's Memoirs The world does not know why our friendship is more dangerous than our enmity. But what can be done? The fanatical Prime Minister is not shying away from setting the whole world on fire for his power.
This fanatical Hindu is also making his people extremists and showing them the dream that there will be Hindu rule all over the world. This religious fanatic speaks something else inside his own country and pretends to be a peacemaker by going abroad. In order to maintain and prolong its rule, it has completely erased the secular face of India, which had been much distorted before. In order to fulfill this desire for the length of his rule, he has made foreign policy his weapon instead of domestic policy and has succeeded in doing so to a large extent. This means that he has succeeded in fooling his voters even though Tradition has it that whoever is befooling others is in fact fooling himself. The world and especially the major powers have realized this weakness of him and are now using Modi as their tool to enhance their China and South Asia policy.
In order to secure his seat as Prime Minister for the second time, he called religious fanaticism and nationalism an electoral agenda by deceived the voters after the Pulwama drama attack and the resulting surgical strike on Balakot, Pakistan. During the election campaign, Modi vowed to take back Pakistan-administered Kashmir. Despite failing on every front in domestic affairs, Modi successfully increased his popularity with his foreign policy. He successfully hid the failures of his domestic policy from his voters by showing his engagement with the leaders of superpowers like US President Donald Trump, Chinese President Xi Jinping, Russian leader Vladimir Putin. But he is blind to the fact that whatever goods and services are offered in the market have to be paid for by their customers, meaning no one gets anything for free. " There is no such thing as a free lunch. " This is truer in politics than as economic theory in international relations.
Because embracing and hugging the rulers of the superpowers also has a special price and this price is paid by the small countries financially. Modi paid 43 billion for the US missile defense system to embrace and shake hands with Putin. Raphael's deal with French President Emmanuel Macron was worth 30 billion. This was the clear price paid by Modi. Modi appeared with Trump on the Howdy Modi program. Similarly, Trump attended an event in the Indian state of Gujarat on February 22 this year at the world's largest cricket stadium with more than 100,000 people in attendance. Modi demonstrated the strong relationship between himself and Trump, and the US President in a speech described the Indian Prime Minister as an "extraordinary leader". All this was inflating Modi's bubble so that India could be used against China and Modi was used.
The United States' recently released National Security Strategy on China said it is still pursuing a "one-China policy" and has made it clear that the United States does not want a change of government in China. Neither the US President himself nor any of India's friends and allies, including the Quad countries, issued any statement in favor of India on the Sino-Indian military standoff in Ladakh. If a full-scale war breaks out with China, India will know that no one is standing by it. But wheh is Modi going to learn?
As Modi thinks that by forging closer ties with the major powers, he will subdue China and become the Don of South Asia, then this will never happen. Because the superpowers form relationships to protect their own interests, not those of others. The United States itself wants a better trade agreement with China. A trade deal with China is likely to be reached after the November presidential election.
Modi has been swayed by the misconception that after the Corona epidemic, India will quickly become the center of attention of the world powers and the world will prefer it to China. Modi understands that the United States, Australia, and many European countries will sever their economies from China to align with India. They will adopt India as a partner and ally. Their factories and plants will be shifted to India.
And even if they move, it will not guarantee India's economic growth, as effective demand for Indian goods in the international market will not be possible so soon.

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