What should America needs to do in order to contain China

(Lareb Aslam, Sukkur)

Robert D Black-Will has written a book namely ‘Implementing Grand strategy towards China’. In this book he has provided some sort of suggestions that what should America needs to do to contain china or to maintain its hegemony in emerging new World order.

Firstly Trump’s administration has admitted that china is a biggest challenge for them in upcoming years now they need a strategy. They have assumed that decisive plan is strenuous. Secondly they are looking forward for collaboration among the different administrative institutions of the government of United states of America. Thirdly they need to revive their relations with Europe and Asia, specially with their alliances.

Hennery Kissinger stated that china wants to replace the United States as the strongest and most influential power not only in Asia but also beyond. It means china itself wants to become a global power.

Robert D black-will expresses his views regarding USA, he stated that there is sundry dimensions of danger for United States. Robert suggested that they need to analyze that how china has developed itself in an economic sector. USA needs to focus over those dimension through china has progressed. For example in economy, Beijing is performing quite rapidly in economic sector. Secondly in diplomacy, china’s diplomatic relations are going stupendously fast for example as like china is investing even those areas where crisis are going on such as Yemen china has invested a huge amount over there, after that china is also investing in south African counties where poverty and famine rate is high. In technological advancement china is also growing there have been tremendous amount of money has been invested over research. It is also evident that china’s military is being expanding in all over the Asia and also globally. These four things should be at the forefront of USA. China is controlling seas of the world and developing its naval basis over there in order to make his military more strong.

Robert explore some more effective ways to contain china firstly USA has to modernize its infrastructure then he needs to develop education system in more efficient way, these two things must be concentrated immediately. Thirdly USA has to promote next generation technologies as like there recently there is a conflict going on over 5G (fifth generation of technology), fourthly as united states of America has spent his resources in such a vast range over the destruction of Middle east. Fifthly, constructive relations with Russia, Europe and Asia.

Trump and his administration has accepted this reality that because of our fast policies, we remained back to china, and because china’s best policies they have moved ahead. Trump has also accepted that we don’t have any grand strategic policy but china has for future.

Robert also suggested some sort of steps for both countries, he states that both countries should think they should respect for vital national interest, construct good diplomacy, search for areas to cooperate intensively on global governance, they should also think that how to organize societies under two opposite political system, USA should reject regime change policy.
Now I will discuss about Ashley j.telly who is the senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace specializing in international security, defense, and Asian strategic issues. He has also suggested some strategies to USA regarding China. According to his views super powers is a super power and that is unchallengeable power. He said that china is a biggest challenge for USA, there is no doubt in this statement of Robert. He pointed out some core areas of USA that pave the way for china to developed itself. Efforts like ‘International liberal order’ in which they give relaxation to china and Russia that is the biggest reason. After that fall of communism there is only one system has remained which is capitalism, they claimed that international liberal order gave them strength in order to reintegrate, because of that USA’s primacy has been disturbed in Asia and slowly slowly the hegemony of America has been disturbed. We can see that world’s second largest economy was Japan but now it has been replaced by china. According to Ashley there is three most crucial perils for USA which is hitting him, geopolitics, military and it has also affected the national interest of America.

What America should have to do?
He stated that firstly America needs to develop its economy. He has to develop its relations with its allies because from twenty years onwards USA’s policies are based on wars, now he has to modify it over economic development. Secondly USA needs to develop more strong military specially, he needs to make his presence prominent in south china sea and in east china sea. Expand Asian trade network , to revisit the TTTP agreement. After that it has to develop technology control regime and effective cyber policies he said that Washington immediately needs to impose cost over china, because it has received violations in cyberspace. Then he has to reinforce Indo pacific partnership. Energize high level diplomacy with Beijing.

NOTE; every author has its own way of thinking and has different types of opinion, whichever I have discussed that is Robert and Ashley’s perception.
(Lareb Aslam)

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