Real wife and honorary wife

(Nasir Khan, karachi)

Real wife and honorary wife

Poetry was going on in the hall. I came out of the hall to smoke. Standing by the canteen, I was puffing on a cigarette. Two women came to the canteen. She took cold drinks and chips and started eating while standing there. One woman said to the other, "Have you seen Madam Ghazala? How does she move back and forth in front of Azad Sahib?" The other woman smiled and said, "She is the honorable wife of Azad Sahib." They both burst out laughing and left. The woman's words and her laughter went straight to my heart.

I am an accountant in a parastatal. Last year, he was working in the office one day when he came to know that the country's leading poet and writer Azad Ahmed has been appointed as the resident director in the regional office of the organization. Azad Ahmad was a great poet and writer. His romantic novels and lyric poems in particular were very popular. Now he was becoming the boss of our office.

My wife also loved poetry. She also wrote lyrics from her student days. Azad Ahmed was her favorite writer. She had read all his books. When I told my wife that Azad Ahmed was coming to my office as boss, she was overjoyed.

A few days later, Azad Ahmed came to the office to take charge of his post. He was warmly welcomed by the office staff. Flowers were presented to him. He had a brief introductory meeting with the staff and went to his room.

Azad Ahmed was a very simple man, he had no arrogance. He met all the visitors with great love. He considered the office staff as his family.

My wife kept telling me that she wanted to meet Azad Ahmed. He suggested that I invite Azad Ahmed to my house for dinner. In this way he will also meet them and as a staff member I will have a meal in his honor.

I liked his suggestion. One day I invited Azad Ahmed to come to my house and have dinner with him and he said “Brother! Such a sister-in-law will be bothered. ”I told her that I was giving this invitation at the request of my wife. I told him about my wife's literary tastes and her admiration, and he agreed.

On the day Azad Ahmed was to come to our house, the whole house was bathed. The lawn was cut. A variety of delicious dishes were prepared. When my wife came ready from the beauty parlor, she looked five years younger than her age.

Azad Ahmed arrived on time as promised. My wife was not happy to see her favorite poet and writer in her house. Azad Ahmed also seemed to be impressed by my wife's beauty. After the meal, drinking coffee and gossiping went on. Begum asked Azad Sahib to deliver the speech. He sang his latest songs. Begum gave a great wow. Then at the request of Azad Sahib, my wife also delivered her speech. Azad Sahib also openly praised.

During this time I was constantly bored because I have no interest in poetry at all. When Azad Sahib got up to go back, Begum took a selfie with him and asked him for his phone number which he immediately gave.

After that day, direct contact started between my wife and Azad Ahmed. Whenever Azad Sahib was invited for any literary event, he would ask the organizers to include my wife's name as a poet.

The two also participated together in literary programs on TV. Azad Ahmed bin He would come to our house by invitation and gossip with Dirtak Begum at night but he would allow me to go to sleep. My wife also started visiting him in the office. When she arrived, the door of Azad Ahmed's office would be closed and the words "Meeting in Progress" would be written on the door.

For some time now, Azad Ahmed and my wife have been seen together everywhere. My wife was flying in the air. As a poet and writer, his national identity was developing and it was all because of Azad Ahmed. My wife would not give me any time. He didn't care about housework. It was natural for me to be upset, but he had no interest in me.

You must have understood who my wife is... Yes, Ghazala is my wife who was declared the honorary wife of Azad Ahmed by two women. I didn't know what to do. Say goodbye to the job and free my wife from Azad Ahmed or free my wife ???

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