Tools Every Carpenter Should Own

(Salman Aqil, Karachi)

Every field has its set of essential tools that allows you to master it. This blog is all about woodworking or carpentry tools that every professional carpenter should own;
1. Claw Hammer
Professional work requires special equipment to get the work done!
There is a diverse range of hammers with distinct heads. Every hammer serves a different purpose. A professional carpenter must have a claw hammer because a framing hammer (straight claw) won’t serve all the purposes.
2. Tape Measure
Is there anything better to measure precisely with other than a tape measure?
The tape measure comes in a diverse range of widths and lengths but twenty-five feet long and one inch wide works for most jobs.
If you are someone who is often taking measurements, then opting for a cheap tape measure isn’t an option. It should have a rigid blade and reliable spring.
3. Block Plane
A professional carpenter cannot finish his work without a good block plane. A block plane is used to trim fine-tune joints, ease sharp edges and remove saw kerfs.
Make sure you choose a quality block plane, rather than choosing it because of its price. A good one will last longer if you utilize it carefully.
4. Chisel
A chisel is a cutting power tools that is used to shape, carve, and sharpen materials like wood, cement, bricks, stone, and metal. This tool is widely in carpentry, masonry, and other types of construction work.
Try to buy middle-of-the-road quality. Make sure it has a metal cap because it has to be strong enough to resist the hit of the hammer.
5. Combination Square
A combination square is a multipurpose measuring instrument. It’s used to determine level and plumb using its spirit level vial.
This tool marks the most common cuts, square and 45 degrees. Also, it’s adjustable, so professional use as a marking and depth gauge. They come in several sizes but try to find one that fits in the nail apron.
6. Utility Knife
A good quality utility knife for carpentry is with a retracting blade, not the folding ones. It’s often used for cutting drywall, floor paper, and plastic, shaving wood, and pencil sharpening. Try to buy high-quality replacement blades.
7. Diagonal Cutting Pliers
Pliers are often used in electrical works and in carpentry too. It can be used for removing nails, repairing cords, or on demo work. There are different sets of pliers that serve a distinct purpose.
8. The Moisture Meter
A moisture meter is essential for the long-term success of any woodworking project. They have pins that penetrate the surface of the wood, which leaves tiny holes in the surface and requires filling.
Some meters are pinless. They have sensing plates that scan the wood beneath also have different settings for species of wood. These different wood species have distinct specific gravities, which can be measured through a moisture meter.
9. The Hand Saw
Most carpenters don’t have heavy equipment to work with, thus they have tools that only require human effort such as a hand saw.
Some woods require you to feel the wood’s response under the saw blade, and the saw blade’s response to the wood. Many woodworkers have a fine collection of Japanese saws that is known as the backbone of their craft.
10. The Level
Every woodworker should have a couple of levels. You wouldn’t need a six-foot level that is used in construction. A 48” will be a good length for woodworking projects.
Most levels are made of brass-edged wood or metal. It has a bubble reading for level and another one for plumb. When the bubble is between the lines, it means you have a level or plumb surface.
11. The Saw Horse
A Sawhorse is available on any woodworking shop or construction site. Most people prefer to build their own sawhorse. If they build sawhorses properly, they’ll hold up to 500 lbs. apiece.
It can serve you as countless uses around your shop, from providing backup as you saw and drill, to extending your work surface while using power saws.

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